Metal dudes hate rap?

funny is you had both side of the coin groups like p.o.d., crazy town, limp bizkit, papa roach, etc. back in the day, and one think i noticed is that both hardcore metal and rap heads hated those guys. rage another story though, really the opposite. damn i miss them making music.
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Lol funny part is is that i just got finished chillin with one on my freinds i havent seen in 2 years.This guy loves rap and much as he loves metal.


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I made two Rock beats with a friend of mine playing guitar on it.
We did 1 that was very jazzy and the other 1 was done 2 years earlier and that was a straight heavy rock beat.


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i love rock but hate metal..its just too much, hey at least i'm real and don't have to say ''ohh i love metal AND rap'' ..just to look open minded


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I like from Asking Alexandria, Metallica, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy to Chris Brown, Wiz Kalifa, Timbo :P


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Heh, no, people generally hate Rap because it's a tough genre to avoid totally going pop. I love rap as much as I love rock.
If it sounds good I like it, no matter how popular or unpopular a song is, if it's good then it's good. Genre doesnt always matter. Hell I like some stupid country songs too, when Im at a party or something. It's all relative


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I love metal and rap equally. I listen to alot of different genres of underground music. Death & Grind & Rap are my favorites by far though. Its difficult to transition between the scenes haha. Theres too many elitists.I regularly attend live shows and the crowds are drastically different depending on the style. I produce mostly horrorcore/deathish hip hop though because I started playing playing guitar before anything else. For every person that adamantly despises a chosen genre theres easily 3 people that can appreciate it. There are bands who try to fuse them like Necro, GUT, and the forgotten archetype. Its very interesting seeing the different directions the genres are evolving. Id really love to fuse death and hardcore hip hop in a way that wasnt gimmicky or nu metal.


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I'm in a electronic Metal Band and I love Hiphop. We work with rappers sometimes as well. I like hiphop like DMX, R.A. The Rugged Man, Jedi Mind TRicks, and Tech n9ne - Artist that have a meaning and aren't talking about how much money that have and fashion line names they wearing.

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you should check out the maniac agenda -you probably like them

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Necro is a beast! His beats are so sick - He digs up some awesome samples kinda like jedi mindtrick


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i cant lie after I started listening to rock rap started sounding a lotttt more simple... you obviously wont like a dj mustard beat for the complexity of it, but i do like each for different reasons


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My metal head friend hates every rap song except this one

That's the only song he wants to hear when he's drunk to when we kicking it lol