Metal dudes hate rap?

It's all about the ability to appreciate different perspectives in general. Maybe these 'metalheads' are trying to listen to rap the same way they listen to metal.
I used to do not like it, but when the lyrics are interesting, then I don't care about the shitty beat. :D
I also prefer oldschool hiphop over new one. Just saying. ;)
I'm a metalhead, a headbanger, call it what you want. and I don't hate rap or hip-hop at all. Now, heavy metal mixed with rap or hip-hop is a completely different thing.
Nah man, I listen to hardcore punk, hardcore, metal, death metal... and ALL rap is amazing to me.

People who confine their music selection are also confining their way of life so stay clear and find the multi flavored people/friends to suit you best!
I think a lot of rap is very bad and the small majority of rap artists are decent. People can't seem to pick out what fits and what doesn't when putting together a song as it's all done electronically for some odd reason.
I love Metal, and I love certain kinds of rap. Pretty much the only music I cannot/will not listen to is Gospel/Country music.
It's a preference thing. I think a lot of Metal heads cut themselves off from finding some really cool music being close minded. Not all Metal heads are like this of course, but the vast majority are, which sucks.
See me I like some metal bands but I can't really say I'm a big fan of some of that let alone most I like classic rock so I might be a little bias but If anything I've seen dudes that love metal love rap at the same time I think it just varies rather than generalize an entire group of people. For example you got people that love rap that hate rock and vice versa just all depends. I think we can all agree that good music is good music regardless.
Hmm well this is a big issue. Someone wanted to argue me that Hip Hop was the biggest youth culture in the world. Don't know if its just Houston or the world. If it's rockers or ravers. If it's the scene, race, or their attitude(that they hate). But most people seem not to like Hip Hop. Their album sales rarely get over 1 million.
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But most people seem not to like Hip Hop. Their album sales rarely get over 1 million.

Pretty much. Rap music is just noise to most music lovers. Other genres sell millions with ease. A rap album goes platinum and fans act like the artist become as rich as Bill Gates when Microsoft went public.
I'm pure metal on that part,but I do not HATE rap....I like originality in music, but not a big fan of trends(gun,girl,chains,booty,shades at night,cars blah blah).

Unless it's Attila haha
Most rap guys hate metal too. The feeling is mutual I supposed.
i like disturbed, black veil brides and linkin park. and i also love rap. music is music. i like how linkin park combines rap and rock.

When I first listened to Linkin Park, I confess I was a little "what the hell is that?", in a good way. Then, as the years passed, I noticed it was a fad, just like all the other rap metal styles. And recently, I watched a video on youtube, where clearly they were using playback live. This, to me, just make things worse for bands like them.
Most of the people I know that are mainly into hiphop are also into hardcore/punk/metal, where most of the people that I know that are mainly into metal/hardcore/punk arent really into hiphop, just a few.