Metal dudes hate rap?

Both Metal and Rap are what i grew up on, and I love them both. Fuse them together like rage against the machine, slipknot, limp bizket, linkin park; you get some awesome ass music.
I love both being honest it depends on the mood. I love Slipknot,Marilyn Manson,Dope and i love other music genres the same way. :)
Yeah most do but they're ignorant. I'm well into my heavy metal, proper old school/underground metal but there's nothing like listening to a sick rap beat. (or dupstep ha!)

Sometimes you just fancy listening to something different, nice mixing it up.
Random interjection...if you look at bands like disturbed (album "The Sickness") and the nu metal genre on the whole, there is a definite rap/break beat influence in there. But I see where you are going...some pop rap is horrifying...ignorance is where the problem is though....cause I don't know a a single country artist myself but lets say I saw some folks on TV "in a farm and playing a guitar" I can sucks...just not into it enough though..
You see... New metal. I don't like this "genre" name at all. You still have old school acts playing and recording. In fact, there are few "new metal" bands releasing quality stuff, like Slipknot or Ax7.

Btw, "new metal" is basically metal bands from the mid-end 90's, right? This means that all Second Wave of Black Metal is new metal? I highly doubt it.

There's no "new metal". There's just a bunch of dudes playing metal with different influences from other stuff "not metal", that happened to be known at the same time (mid-end 90's).
I was in a death metal band for a long time and still will always have a spot in my heart for Immortal Technique, SPM, et cetera...

MC Chris!
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that was more a thing from the past. i think nowadays you find metalheads listen to everything most of the times
I've been a metalhead for about 12 years. I didn't use to like rap for a good while. I still dont' active go looking for rap most of the time, but I can listen to a much bigger chunk of it than I used to be able to. Ive been playing bass for about 15 years, and about 6 or so years ago I got into heavy electronica/dubstep/DnB and started producing dubstep/breakbeat tracks with a few metal elements to them. I scream as well as rap on my tracks.
Yes. Im a metal head and I also rap as well as play guitar. Too many people get stuck being one dimensional.
I totally agree. Its great to be diverse. Music is my greatest and first passion, but I also do some photoshop and premiere work, computer networking, internet referral marketting, shoot pool, and smoke a ton of weed XD I hang out with everyone! :cheers:
I'm a metalhead. I like rap but mostly horrorcore rappers tbh. Can't really relate to hood rappers like tupac, biggie or whatever lol. I do like mexican chicano rappers tho
I grew up on Hardcore Rap in NY in the 90's ... Black Metal is my other go to ... Necro tied a lot of Rap / Metal in the QNZ area ...
Not necessarily. I'm a metal fan, but i also listen to other kinds of music. And when music is good, it doesn't matter what type of music it is. But, I don't like the rapscene with all the bling bling etc.
And there are ofcourse band which combine rap and metal. Such as Ice T and Faith no More to name a few.