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Which POS Printer is More Suitable for Your Needs?


The pos counter in a retail store is vital in accomplishing sales. You need to strengthen your POS counter by adding a point of sale printer to it that will furnish receipts to buyers. Each Point of Sale printer is judged according to features like print speed, customization of a receipt, paper loading speed, etc.

Centre for Science and Environment

Centre for Science and Environment is a not-for-profit public interest research & support company. It serves as a think tank on environment-development matters in India, poor planning, climate shifts destroying India's Sundarbans, advocates for policy changes, & implementation of the current policies.

How is Physical Research Laboratory Helping Science and Technology in India?


Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) is the foundation for space sciences in India and this you will understand after knowing about this premium institution. Established on 11 November 1947, it leads the country in atmospheric sciences, earth sciences, solar systems, astrophysics, science, and technology, & theoretical physics.