Metal dudes hate rap?

I am totally for both, I'm a drummer with a history of many metal bands, and I'm a seasoned hip hop/r&b producer. I grew up listening to my dad play acdc, Metallica, Chicago, EWaF, and plenty of other 60/70s r and b. So I love it all.... Everything but country... **** country.
And I would also like to add that metal/rock and hiphop/rap have held hands for a while now... Starting back with Aerosmith and run dmc... Beastie boys using rock samples, family values tour... The advent of raprock... I would just say that a lot of metal heads more likely just be close minded/willingly ignorant.
sorry i forgot to put the word voice in it :) i ment like the metal side where the singers scream with high tones

Oh, I see. But high pitched screams can be clean (Power/Melodic Metal) and harsh (Black/Extreme metal), which are pretty different from one another.
A lot of Metalheads now produce Dubstep. It's funny how time changes things ;)

I believe it's because of this "brostep" prominence on the media nowadays. You know, brostep have agressive sounds, as heavy metal has too.

I have this little musical project, where I'm trying to blend Drum and Bass with some extreme metal drums (like blast beats).
I am actually a metal drummer as well, I love to turn on some rap tracks and play to them. Alot of them have some good bass drum rhythms to play with. Just kind of grooves.
Don't limit yourself to one genre.

My thoughts exactly. Each genre has lots of wonderful compositions to offer. And sometimes it's quite difficult to tell one genre from another for sure and - most importantly - why bother? If you a song inspires you and you truly like it, who cares whether it's rock or rap or whatever? I really doubt that strong rockers never ever fancied a rap (or any other genre) composition and vice versa.
I listen all sorts of music, from 60's garage, krautrock, jazz, classical music, alternative...all the way to heavy metal. I never really disliked rap, one of my favorite bands are House of Pain and Fun Lovin of the most badass songs ever is "Another Body Murdered" by Faith No More and Boo-Yaa Tribe.
And who can really dislike one of the first rap songs by Gil Scot-Heron "The revolution will not be televised".
I love both. I love all kinds of hip hop & rap & Love Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Thrash & Black metal. I make hip hop beats & metal songs with my guitars. Nobody should limit themselves to one genre.
As both a metalhead and a hiphophead, it pisses me off when people from either group say the other's music sucks, and acts like they're just so above it all. The funny thing is is that most of the people who do that have listened to like 2 songs from the genre they claim is so awful, and don't bother to let the actual style of music sink in at all, or understand it. If you've been listening to rap all of your life, you're not going to listen to Pig Destroyer once and suddenly learn to hear all of the complexities in the guitars and drum patterns; you're just going to hear random guitar mashing and a guy hitting drums with no rhythm. If you've been listening to metal all of your life, you're not going to understand the use of inflections and word play, or the groove and vibes given off by a beat. To be over the age of 12 and still think of either in that way is extremely arrogant and immature, if you ask me. You're also probably neglecting the fact that legends in both genres have dipped their toes in the other. Anthrax did a song with Public Enemy, Tyler the Creator has jammed with multiple hardcore bands, and Ice-T made an entire thrash metal record.
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I find music to be subjective.

You can like multiple sounds, no matter what they represent.
Personally I'm in to a wide variety of music. I like to stay open minded and enjoy different music and artists for what they are.