Metal dudes hate rap?

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I used to hate rap when I was younger I started listening to metal and alternative then about a year or so ago I got into Gucci Mane, J. Cole, Kanye...etc. So it's just like I grew up musically and enjoy both genres now. I do know metal heads that hate rap and they hate it because they won't take the time out to listen to it and appreciate the lyrics or the beats behind it.


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I listen to a lot of everything. I find that even when I'm writing a black metal song that somewhere in the rhythm I find that I've used influences from jazz, hiphop, or other "non-related" genres of music. In the end, it's all about using the same theory in a different way. Right now I'm producing a lot of dubstep, which is very new territory for me. I've also got a beat or two in the beginning stages that I'll probably send off to a couple local rappers that have shown previous interest in my productions.

In the end, f*ck genres, if you like it then listen to it.

Also, this is the best way I've heard things put.
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I'm mainly a metal guy and I love me some rap/hip hop. I'm really picky though, it has to be good. I'll listen to anything as long as it's good!


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I agree with the guy on the video. The problem is, when people say they hate rap or metal or whatever, they only hear the famous songs, the mainstream ones. And most of the time, the mainstream ones are not good at all. But if you go deeper in the genre, you will find some very good bands. People tend to think that in rap, they only talk about b**ches, money,etc... But if you listen to the Roots or more underground rap, you won't find any of those lyrics.

I play bass in a rock band but I produce r'n'b/hip-hop, I've grown up with Korn, Deftones etc... so I'm quite open to any genres (well except Lady Gaga, but then again it's mainstream) But I think it's weird to say "I hate that genre". You can't hate its music, music is beautiful, but you can dislike it obviously.


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five for fighting evanescence the fray system of down are some of my favorites but im a hip hop prouducer. a lot of my friends dont like it though

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Max Martin, one of pop music's greatest producers, has rock roots. He made a lot of the famous songs for Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Brittney Spears, Taio Cruz, Katy Perry, etc....


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Max Martin, one of pop music's greatest producers, has rock roots. He made a lot of the famous songs for Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Brittney Spears, Taio Cruz, Katy Perry, etc....

Any musician that has done just about ANYTHING important in the industry has had many many influences from all over the place.

And since the new generation of hip-hop heads listen to nothing but Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka...

We gonna be hearing Lex Luger for a looong time.


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I like all types of rock, except Screamo. But I still like Eminem and a bunch of other rappers. Although i also like Classical, Folk, Techno, Pop, Reggae, and like every genre out there, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask :)


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One thing about rap is that the lyrics in most good rappers songs are genius. Blackie Lawless would have made an excellent rapper.


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Yah lol, as someone said racist pricks.
Metal heads, mostly, don't like rap, but if you tell them to tell you the name of a rap song, or 2 rappers, they will most likely FAIL, because they don't try to listen to it, and not only metal heads, classic and pop listeners usually do that too.
I hear a little bit of everything cause they have different essences, different characteristics and they give me different feelings. What's on their mind? IDK, but I try to be as much open minded as I can, it's the best way to learn with society.


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well i like to listen to all kinds of music if i like the song i will listen to it no matter what anyone says, as a musician i think is good to be open minded, and just because you don't like some kind of music you shouldn't hate it. if you don't like don't listen to it and shut up about it :D:D


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That's just for non open minded person. I listen to rock most of the time, but I do have some other genre in my music collection, and yes it's including lots of rap and hip-hop which mostly from game or movie soundtracks that I like :)


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I just skim read this thread , but it did give me a giggle or two :)

The thing is ..... it's life , people are different , have drives , interests , aspirations , open/closed/not-their-own minds , intellects ETC .
All these thing add together to make lots of different people , to stamp ones feet in anger to make people the same is errrrrrrmmmmmm *hitler nazi chewbacca defence*.

Don't close your mind , but do learn not to pay attention to the baying sheep (fekkers , no paraphrase for lyrics:P) .

Anyway , here ya go :D