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Xclusive-Audio - Trap Movement Drum Kit
Trap music is taking over the world! One of the most fastest growing genres of our time. If your a fan of that sound you know that the drums have to be bangin'! Well we went to work on this kit and bring you over 150 fresh one-shot samples to use in your production, royalty free and free to download instantly.


More drums and one-shots :

This is one of the best kits I ever found. They could have charged for this IMO but I wouldn't have gone for it


This is the first time I have ever made a drum kit, Instead of filling it up with random drums to make the numbers higher i kept it small but the drums are some of my favourite samples in my library.
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Dope Trap Sound Kit (by HottKitz!!!) Includes:

  • Trap 808'z
  • Trap Chantz n Vocalz
  • Trap Clapz n Snapz
  • Trap HiHatz n Cymbalz
  • Trap Hitz n Stabz
  • Trap Kickz
  • Trap Snarez
  • Trap Synthz

This Trap Sound Kit contains HIGH-QUALITY samples of those down south trap instruments for making those hard hitting 808 Lex Luger type of Trap Beats!!! You are gonna get strings, guitars, pianos, brass/horns, synth sounds, vocal chants (Heyy!, Huhh, Uhhh, What!,Ahh, etc.,etc..), with those hard-hitting, low-end sounding 808 subs!!! These NEW sounds are DEFINITELY going to inspire you to make those DOPE-ASS TRAP beats!!!