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Free new drum samples from me to you - classic kit (processed)...

Hey all… No shame in admitting it: I'm just gonna cut and paste this from a recent post on another forum! :)

That said, I'm kinda new on this one, but have been enjoying helping people out and thought I'd post this here too!

I've been writing up a little blog on Tumblr about the gear in my studio. I'm not loving Tumblr to be honest, but I'm liking writing and sharing about my gadgets, so at least my part is fun! I'm gonna keep at it for now, focussing on one item at a time, and posting up comments / pics / demos of sounds / and sample packs… just for fun, and to spruik others into loving their gear (and sure… a bit of promo; but I'm not popping releases up there… nice not to actually!

The first one's now complete - based on my Novation Drum Station (I can hear half of you moaning already haha)… I'm sharing it on a new Tumblr I just created, and thought it'd be rude to only give it to my 3 followers :) hah…

Here's a snippet from the same post, and a link to the pack:

… a sample pack for you (the “internet”)…!

Download via my account…

28 brand new and all original royalty free* drum samples for use in your tunes, recorded from my Drum Station, and processed through various gadgets and pieces of gear to be fuss free and ready to use with little effort…!

There’s not a lot of samples in there, sure, but there’s a lot of love and effort in each one, and it presents a quick snap-shot kit of the types of sounds this box can make with a bit of pushing and pulling through audio processing.

I hope you enjoy the pack, and please - drop me line and show me anything you make with them :)

*Just bear in mind that these are royalty free for you creative use only –> please refer to the README in the zip file, and don’t distribute them as samples for sale or for free without my permission!… feel free to point people toward this Tumblr page for the link though :)

If you wanted to hear more about the gadget, and all the other ones I plan to write about (A lovely long list of gear from my studio will end up on there over time), pop over to my Tumblr:

If you're just after samples, and don't want to read my cr@p --> I'll try and post up a thread here each time I upload anyway…


So yeah ---> hope you Future Producers enjoy the mini pack, and let me hear whatever you get up to with these!
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Top 12 Resources For Dope FREE Hip Hop Samples

Hey all,

I have compiled a list of top resources for FREE hip hop samples for you guys. All top quality and all (of course) legal.

You can find my own free drum kit in the list (self promotion alert!), for which I used some top notch mics and preamps (Mics from Neumann, Josephson and Coles, Preamps from Forsell and my german vintage ABE console).

You can find the free drum kits list on my blog: Top 12 Resources For Dope Free Hip Hop Samples ? SuperHeroSamples

Enjoy and create:-)


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[h=4]FREE DRUM KIT – INSTANT DOWNLOAD[/h]This is a free drum kit to download of my go to drums for 2014 & 2015. I am working on a new kit for all my 2016 sounds which will be available soon.
Whats In The Kit?

  • [*=left]34 Kicks
    [*=left]42 Snares
    [*=left]9 Claps
    [*=left]27 Hi Hats
    [*=left]2 Crash Cymbals
    [*=left]10 Drum Fills
    [*=left]9 Effects
    [*=left]18 Vocals Chops & Chants
    [*=left]8 Pre-Made Melody Loops
All processing added by Messy Beatz in Logic Pro X using Waves plugins and all exported at 16 bit/44.1 kHz .Wav files
Compatible with (but not limited to):

  • Logic Pro
  • FL Studio
  • MPC
  • Maschine
  • And any DAW that can load .Wav files
Feel free to leave me some feedback/comment below so I know what to add for the next kit.

Grab It Here: FREE DRUM KIT - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Messy Beatz Messy Beatz