Post Your FREE drum kits here


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That means do not post anything that you had to pay for or that someone else will have to pay for to use. Only post your own personal or freeware drum kits and vsts.


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Hey guys, i decided to do this thing where i'll put up some drums i have up on my website for free download.
Hey, why not? u can never have enough drums.

these particular ones were given to me by my friend.
he has a mic'ed up drumset and he knew i did hip-hop stuff so he hooked me up.
anyway, hope you can use them for something.

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*click the hip hop button on top and then click the link on the bottom that says "get your drums here" you cant miss it
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Return of the Boom Bap
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Heavy In The Beats Vol. 2 - No Dough, Deep Pockets
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