What's everybody using for monitors?

A pair of Citronics st5's. Piece of ****ing shit! They were acceptable in the beginning. Now.... I dont even wanna get into it. Im kinda traumatized since the left one sparkles at all time, it's constantly a little noise coming out from it. During a hour I have to hit the top of the monitor as hard as I can to get it stop making this real loud annoying uaushauhe noise. I HATE EM. The lower frequencies on the right one is barely hearable aswell... Altho I've learned how to work with those and I can get around the problem but it's so annoying, can't explain it. Sometimes I even have to shut it off, wait a few mins and then put the power back on in order to get it to work.... Imagine that shit about 20 times a day!

When I can afford a pair of new, solid monitors I swear you guys I'll set that piece of shit on fire and put it out with my piss, ima tape it too and watch it over and over again.
How everyone are doing with monitors like Yamaha's HS50M? They suck without sub? And what about Alesis M1 520 USB and not USB version? Can anyone write their thoughts and opinions?
Ehhhhh, seems like everything is against me hehe.. I can't find good option for me. Poor student livin on his own far away from home city can't afford all this shit.. Really there is no good monitors for about 200 $ for the START? What about those Alesis? Or how much decent sub would cost?
Should be remembered though that putting a sub (or too big speakers for that matter) in a small untreated room will probably suck even more - even if it subjectively sounds much better. I'd rather deal with more accurate bass that lacks the very low end than a loud-ass mush that makes it impossible to get it right.
Yeah you are right, since Im a student I have a small room, so I don't know if I really need that sub.. but can you give me some advice about the monitors? Those Yamaha's really won't be satisfying without the sub? (damn, almost everything will be for me since I only have shitty cheap reloop headphones)
Yeah but come on Im not gon rebuild mywhole room (it's not even mine) whenav Im only 2 or 3 months into this, I dont have a proper skills yet and gear (monitors). I think I should get those first and when Im good enough at it I can think about more pro things like room treatment, or when I start to record somethin.
I dont really care for the HS80's... the bass gets WAYYY hyped if your room is too small and they're too close to a wall... I have Samson Resolv 50a's, they're front ported so I dont have the proximity with the wall problem... and the sound quality is decent, I mean I've heard much better... at the end of the day its all about how well you know your own setup