What's everybody using for monitors?



I mixed my last album in my car, with one of those FM transmitters hooked into my laptop. That was... interesting.
Mackie HR824.

To the fellas using subs, I've been thinking about getting a sub to reference the lows a bit better. What's your take on using it? Obviously you must believe it in since you're using it, but just curious to hear opinions.
Some generic 5.0 surround system my stepdad used for his computer back in the 80s...clearly I need an upgrade

lookin at Alesis monitor one MKIIs...pete rock said theyre the best all around speaker he ever had in some article
I'm using the M-Audio BX5a's, they're pretty nice, they're as good as my Beats by Dr. Dre studio headphones, and the headphones were $350, and my monitors were only $200. But if I had the time to do some more research and more money I would probably upgrade to some bigger monitors.