What's everybody using for monitors?



I played a Motif XF at Guitar Center hooked up to some HS80's, they sounded beautiful

Jim Rosebrook

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For nearfields, the Equator Audio D5's sound very impressive for $300/pr. I've had some for about 6months.

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Equator Audio D5's ...
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Jim Rosebrook

It's All Good...
Been reading a lot of good things about EquatorAudio's D5s. Priced at $300 the pair seems like a steal.

I was going to share some links on the D5's too, but something went kablooey while I was posting.

Anyway, I've had some for about 6 months and am very impressed. And I've had lots of near-fields over the years. Best deal out there for $300.


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Genelec 8040.

Great speakers, sound is straight (litlle extra in the mid freq). But thats maby more of a accoustic issue in my new studio.
I'm working on the room accousics at the moment! Will share some pictures at the forum in the future!

I also have a pair of KRK Rokit 6cl speakers. I use them for second reference.

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i use these old RCA 5/6 inch monitors i bought off a friend with his laptop and software to make beats with a long time ago.

for a while, i was super adamant about getting new ones and was unsure how big of a difference it would make to have yamaha hs5's or krk's. one friend of mine told me it would be a world of difference, although the other friend i got the monitors from told me when i got them that they were good enough to make beats with (he's right). but what was really holding me back was the laptop itself. a relative of mine who knows a bit about computers convinced me to get a desktop instead. i did, and that was what really made the world of difference. had no cpu running problems at all after that which is exactly what i needed.

i also got audio technica headphones a couple years ago which helped a lot as well. i'm confident these monitors and headphones are enough to get it sounding right. plus i see these exact headphones i have in hella video's of big name artists and producers in studio which got me stoked.