What's everybody using for monitors?

Nick Dawes

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I have the SE Egg 150's. Very nice and detailed. I have NS10's and UREI 809's also but still check on my Sennheiser HD650 headphones and of course the car!

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I use barefoot MM45's. I love them. I also use my Yamaha ns10s. I just got a newer pair from Japan. Before that, I had some old ass one's from the late 70's lol. Looks like a company just started making the NS10's again. Chris Lord Alge has a signature pair. haha.


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At the moment, I'm monitoring my mixes on; ATH-M30x headphones (beat up and taped up lol), old early 2000s "consumer" stereo speakers, an average mini bluetooth speaker, and final monitoring would be the bose system in my car. So yea, less than ideal haha, but it gets the job done I guess, until I get some actual studio monitors.


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Technics SB CS-5 hi-fi speakers (from a used hi-fi gear shop) with a Sansui AU-X111 amplifier (from Cash Generator). I'm sure it's part of the reason my efforts sound lame, but oddly commercial music sounds alright on them.