Let's play Name That Preset!

the 16th chord ensemble preset from the gated synths in logic pro has been many songs, off the top of my head the only one i can think of is Blown Away - Curren$y
you can hear it right at the beginning throughout

edit: thought of another one, the chords on oxy music by schoolboy sounds alot like stepping vox from absynth 4. maybe a little tweaked but very familiar
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I know a few presets used in songs but im at work so i cant remember right now. BUT ill tell you, from industry info, that right now albino and electrax are getting ran through. I use gladiator electrax albino predator (mike will an i think some others use this ALOT) nexus and the default fl studio plugins. I mix presets with my own sounds but ill tell you man the presets on the above plugins can be used to make next level sounds/tracks.

Make your own damn sounds though. It helps in making your own style/sound. These dudes are caking off presets because they mix them with their own unique traits. For example mike wills spacey bouncy sound, or lex an his orchestral/hard synth mix (808 MAFIA). And they mix/manipulate the shit outta presets. Honestly i thibk if you change up presets its almost like making your own sound.
Even though it's three years old now, Boi-1da used the Brass Stakkato 2 preset in the Dance Orchestra expansion in Nexus for Drake's Headlines.
Not every producer / beatmaker / MUSICIAN is a engineer, they dont have to. Most of the producers making big business use presets, in the first place because time is money I guess. But Beethoven didnt engineer his pianos, Michael Schumacher didnt engineer his cars and MJ didnt create his basketballs and courts. So whats the problem with some of you?
Whats funny is like 6 months ago i woulda talked shit about people who only use presets. Nowadays im making easily the best music ive ever made on a daily basis, and i use mostly presets. I used to make alot of synths whoch worked but all my best songs i could see being popular are almost all presets.
This thread is getting so off topic.. I'm keeping it alive!

Yo Gotti - Die A Real N*gga (Electrax - 0Sparkling Bells BT)

Yo Gotti - Act Right (Nexus XP Trap Habits - TH Act Right Bass)

A$AP Rocky - Pretty Flacko (West Coast Sounds Pack - 100VDRE)
Young Money - We Alright (feat. Euro, Lil Wayne & Birdman) (prod. by S-X)

Nexus 2 - Single Layer Pads - LD Dance Saw 2
Nexus 2 - Epic Pads - PD Fringepad
Nexus 2 - Epic Pads - PD Nightstring
Nexus 2 - XP Hollywood - PL Musicbox
Nexus 2 - XP Hollywood - VO Diva Stakkato
Nexus 2 - XP Hollywood - ST Zimmer Strings
Not 100% sure, but I think Feed Me uses Image-Line's Toxic Biohazard preset 'Toxitar' @ 1:47 of his new song "Patience". There's a lot of different ways to get that sound, but everytime I hear it, I immediatly think Toxitar!
Anyone here know what VST and what preset was used in the Wiz track Look Into My Eyes?. I remaking the track and I kind of remade all the other sounds and I cant really seem to remake the "pad" sound. It goes right after the synth with the delay and its kinda like a rising "scream" sound and just loops throughout the whole song.
Rick Ross - Tupac Back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFEPEaQdFgw

I need to know what the FX preset/Vst is in the background. It starts at 0:38 and it sounds like a digital/robotic type noise. If you know what preset this is please also provide any comment on whether the preset is automated to move like it does in this track, or if its something that I would need to do through an envelope or automation clip.

I'm sure somebody has the answer to this, Thanks!
Anybody know that low lead that Cardo uses in some of the songs he has with Meek Mill? Or the low lead Boi-1da uses in Meek Mill's "Lil N**** Snupe"