Let's play Name That Preset!

Does any body know the where I can find the 8 bit/ zelda sounding synth from this:

and the bass from the intro of this sound:
Preset help

does anyone have any idea where i can find this preset? or you have an idea what he used for the sound that starts at 0:17 I cant sleep thinking about it lol since i cant post links, so the video is called :*New* "HeartBreaker" Chief Keef x SD Gbe x Matti Baybee Type Beat | Free DL
do any body know the name of the whistle that is used in future turn on the lights that comes in with the hook and what plugin i can find it in i been looking for it for 2 years lol if anyone know it would be deeply appreciated
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Here's a few off the top of my head:

Domo23 - Tyler the Creator (Ultrabeat - Asian Kit, EXS24 - Vocal Shouts, EXS24 - Full Brass Staccato, ES2 - Sync Start) Whole song is Logic Pro presets. In fact, pretty much EVERY OFWGKTA song is just presets from logic Pro or Reason

Milkshake - Kelis (Korg Triton -> Combi Bank A -> Indian Ocean) Its pretty much the WHOLE DAMN SONG

Every Eminem Song with a piano from Slim Shady LP to Eminem Show (Korg Triton -> Program Bank A -> Acoustic Piano, also Real Slim Shady uses the preset "HarpsiKorg", also from the triton)

Still D.R.E. - Dre & Snoop (Korg Triton -> Program Bank B -> Harp)
Man!! you guys know your presets damn well...
I was one of the guys who frowned upon them and try making everything non percussive (sometimes even them) (keyword here being "try"). i realised a bit too late that all i do was frown..and learnt some design, but not much music to show for it..this thread rocks...kudos to op for making something this interesting as his first post.

This might have been said before, if so forgive my trespassing.
Skrillex Bangarang (Guitar sound)
Musiclab Real LPC Funk_S_90-120/S06_Funk_1

Yes, i admit to sucking at presets among other things.
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Future - March Madness (Prod. by Tarentino)

Purity - Phrase - Cold Memory (Remove FX)
Purity - Phrase - Sky Walker 3 (Add 2x Gross Beat - Momentary - Slow Tripplet)
Can somebody please tell me the name of this preset i would really appreciate it as i've been looking for it all day
This is all very interesting but what would catch a fair amount of intrigue would be to find a Program in an analog keyboard that is used in a popular or hit song.

I'm definitely still searching all these songs you all post though. It's worth listening VSTs that are practically shared from the top (known celebrity) to bottom (underground producer).
can anyone help me find this pad or whatever it is? i cant post the full link because i dont have enough posts so im just going to post the watch /watch?v=Osegv4ZLp_Y
Please anyone :( Ive been looking for this pad for 2 weeks
March Madness from future. You can find the synth in the preset in the vst Purity and its the category of Phrase. THe name of the synth is skywalker 3. you just have to apply a slow tripplet on it and boom!!!! you got it right

I know how to do the wah effect, I'm specifically looking for this patch.

Cash Money, UGK, etc. have all used this specific sound so it can't be a live session guitar. I've read somewhere that it comes from the Triton. Can someone help me find something that sounds exactly like it on FL Studio?

Another example...0:05