Let's play Name That Preset!

Hi guys
does anyone knows the sounds or presets or vsts used in the begining of this ?
and the mood pad here
Google these please , because i'm not allowed to post links
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Hey, I've been looking for a forum like this, really appreciate everyone :-) To kick things off from my part:

Bad Romance - Dirty Big Lead (Logic)
Bad Romance - 100 ORG Another Drawbar (Sylenth)
Bad Romance - 117 DR Woodblock (Sylenth)
Telephone - Pretty much all orchestral instruments like Orchestral Harp and staccato violins (Logic)
Born This Way - The edgy synth lead is from Spectrasonics Omnisphere - Aggressive Digital Buzz 1
Someone mentioned this briefly, but Umbrella - Rihanna has Vintage Funk Kit 03 from GarageBand however it is layered with an 808 clap and kick.
Love in this Club - Usher also has two Garageband loops, Euro Hero Synth 02 and 03.
Let the Bass Kick - the titular male vocal is from Norman Cook - Skip to my Loops (Sample CD)
Bounce - Timbaland Tempo has reached critical level sound effect is from Zero-G Datafile 2 (Sample CD)
Price Tag - Jessie J has a loop sampled from Zimba Ku - Black Beat, however it needs some editing. That loop is perfectly edited in Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, under Classic Stylus, 75 Plate a, leading to my suspicion that Stylus was actually used. Pretty neat :-)

I can also send snippets of these!

Some of these finds might've been mentioned elsewhere, but it's always good to have them compiled here.
anyone know that Chris Brown - High End Pluck/Bell Sound that goes through the whole song? that preset and vsti
It probably isn't but the lead synth on Kylie Minogue's I Believe In You sounds very much link Gangster Lead 3 on Thor in Reason.
One that everyone knows

Robin S - Show Me Love (and every other house track)

Korg M1 - Organ patch (can't remember the exact name)
LF the crazy/drunk pluck/arp in the beginning of future's codeine crazy or playing troughout the track in scholarships by drake/future
Wassup guys, I'm Rob. I started making beats at age 18 and recently I took a break because I felt uninspired and I felt that my mental health was more important. But now I am back and I feel better than ever ! So if you guys don't mind, check out my Beat Stars page at RobTheBeatMaker ! I support other music makers, so I'd do the same !
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So I mainly make West Coast beats, and I heard a lead thats used in 2 songs, or at least they are very similar.

Nipsey Hussle | Question #1 (Instrumental) 2016 - YouTube

YG Type Beat 2016 - Rider (Prod. by Denis The Producer) - YouTube

I think its called a square lfo lead, Its in arturia mini v and massive but its not as clean as these two. I would at least like to know how to make a lead like this, so any help is appreciated!
Also what rhoades are used in the YG type beat? I have Lounge Lizard but the presets dont sound the same or as clean..
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