Your all time favorite pc/console games?


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I wanna see what people enjoy or enjoyed playing back in the days. Recommend me something?

Personally, i've always loved Operation Flashpoint and Arma games. I'm all about realistic war simulators.. I spent soooo many years just messing with the OF: Cold war crisis' map editor. :D best thing ever. i still play around with it. plus all the mods and addons you can have to OF and Arma games........mmmmmm'mmm. i have never played these new call of dutys or battlefields. i just cant. after playing Operation flashpoint and Arma. (note: radio voices on arma1 and arma2 suck though. i hope they have fixed that on arma3)

also, i've always loved Metal gear solid and Silent Hill series on the console side. no explaining needed... Kojima is a genious and Konami games are on point always. if someone mentiones me ps1 or ps2, Metal gear solid is the first thing that comes to my mind.

one more thing: Toejam and Earl on Sega Genesis..... Classic shit. that's a game i spend my whole childhood with. that shit had everything young boy would like: co-op, hiphop aliens, presents... ooowhee!
Hey man

Games that I love and are worthy of a mention in my opinion:

Battlefield 3 (pretty much any battlefield)
Medal of Honor
Crysis 1, Crysis 3
Dishonored *** this game is like Mega Wow

Far Cry3 + Blood Dragon
Red dead redemption was tight
LA Noire

Assassins Creed Series

Call of duties for their single player campaigns and zombies

Use to love Redalert and the command and conquer series
Aw yeah! dishonored, Red dead, far cry.. Theres so many. Im playing l.a. Noire and dead space at the moment.

Red alert was classic!! I forgot that aswell
(This dude done got me started)

I am a Halo fanatic.

Any Metal gear solid game(love em all)

Zelda- Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask was my ish

Jet Set Radio Future was Ill

GTA all day

My favorive 2d fighter will always be BLAZBLUE

Spent a good chunk of my early teen years playing Custom Robo on Gamecube.

POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!(Blue version - Emerald)

Legacy of Goku 2

​.......I'll be back later....
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Seems like sequels were always the best for me..

Halo 2.
StarCraft 2.
Street Fighter 2.

Video games definitely help expand the imagination and keep your brain sharp. Just don't let it cut too much into that music time!
Oh, knights of the old republic!! That was so awesome game!

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Edit: yes, gta vice city and san andreas were great. And street fighters too!
Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (more in the Warcraft vein of things)

Warcraft: Frozen Throne
Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends, GTA III, GTA San Andreas (especially the multiplayer), Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Was never a gamer, used to play basketball all day and night before I started making beats
I'm 30yo, so I must say I played every generation of consoles until now. Too many good games to list here, but too many awful games as well.
I've always been into FPS games for the PC. Especially the ones from the 90s when they still had that fun, arcade-like feel to them. Some of my faves are the Doom series, Duke Nukem 3D, Half-Life, Quake 1/2/3, Unreal, and Counter-Strike. There are so many more games I could list but those are the ones I get really nostalgic about :cool:
Tony Hawks Underground
Max Payne 3
Metal Gear Solid 3
Crash Bandicoot
GTA San andreas
Halo 1
Zelda Ocarina
Mario 64
Mario Tennis

could go on..........
Holy shit. gtaV will be released in 5 days. i'm almost certain that it will be added on that list of mine.

I'm 30yo, so I must say I played every generation of consoles until now. Too many good games to list here, but too many awful games as well.
same here.. i'm nearly 30 and i've played almost every possible console. so many awful games.....
just got GTA 5. its the tits! i plan on writing lyrics while i anxiously wait for online mode to release!!!