Your all time favorite pc/console games?

Halo series, World of Warcraft, the early Call of Duty games were a big part of my teenage years. So they will always be up there in my favorites.
Any weed smokers here? Good. Now buy "BROFORCE" from steam and get 1-4 keyboards/controllers and smoke something while you play it. Get some friends to your house and select "local-co-op"... By far, in my lifetime, it has been the funniest shit to play when high. Me and my friends are like 100 hours in and still going... Crazy addicting. You get to play with all your childhood (70's-00's) movie heroes, and there's like 50 of them in the game.
I just got DOOM for ps4 so if anybody has it let's play. I'm not very good, because i work on music too much but let me know. My name is Epsilon-144 on there so add me, please!
PC: Sleeping Dogs / Gunz the Duel
Ps2: Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Ps3: Uncharted Series / Tekken Tag Tournament 2
SNES: Illusion of Gaia
One game that I really enjoyed was Hyper Light Drifter. The visuals, soundtrack, gameplay...everything about it just blended together so well. It was a wonderful experience.
I used to really love playing Sonic Heroes, the Incredibles, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Forza Motorsport with my bro as a kid. Those games were like the only defining games of my childhood tbh
How does the new Red Dead Redemption taste like? I'm a dumb PC gamer so I bet i'm not able to enjoy that western fun before the year 2020 or something. Why does Rockstar tease us like this....smh.
This one is a classic but I love World of Warcraft wrath of the lich king :D
not to mention how much i love warcraft (old).
No matter when, I always go back to Pokemon. I absolutely adore Platinum and all of Gen 4, actually. I'm happy that they are getting the remakes that we deserve!!!