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  • I Miss You BandCoach Its Been A Long Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everything is good and you are still alive
    Can I use an eq to bring output volume back up? I'm struggling with this because I, like you said, reduced the volume of my tracks so it wasn't clipping however, to bring the loudness back up I'd need to add literally 6-7 dB's of gain. I only want to use 3-4, is there another way to add output gain in which isn't limiting so it won't crush the crap out of my mixes?
    Yo man I am completely confused . I tried presonus and ableton but I didn't like em for production ...however I am doing well with fl studio .... I always get my job done recently I am thinking to record a band with fl so do u think it will work for both recording and mixing ..... And I see many people using average of 2 daws and I feel really uncomfortable ... Are there any artists who only use fl most people use more daws along with fl studio...... . and that's a track I did without any studio stuff please hear it and tell if I did good or bad
    What's up Bandcoach. Just wanted a little advice in sequencing. Do you find it easier to make the drum pattern before the melody or vice versa? I have experimented with both and melody before drums seems to work better for me at times. Please get back to me. I would love to get your take on the situation. Thanks!
    Gotcha. Will pay no mind to the waveforms. I just felt the drums weren't banging anymore but then again your system is probably great. Do you mean the saxes are flat as in out of key? Or flat as in no dynamics. I chopped a sample so I have no control. Thanks a ton for your help. Also I know you wanted me to contact you about a name change. How would I do that?
    Hey Bandcoach. You have obviously been doing this for awhile and I respect your opinion. I'm having some trouble with levels on my drums versus the rest of the instruments in my beats. The problem stems from me only having krk rokit 6's and ath-m50's to mix with in an untreated room. I think the levels sound right, and then I uploaded two tracks to soundcloud and the waveforms looked incredibly spikey even though I pseudo-mastered it with ozone at a squashy -3dbrms. When I hear the beats on my laptop speakers, the drums are louder than I thought they were whilst mixing in my untreated room. I was wondering if you could give the two tracks a quick listen, observe the waveforms and let me know if I am right in saying the drums are too loud. Since this is a levels question and not an eq or compression question. I didn't think it was necessary to send you the wav. files.
    Strange it looked like something about mentioned gain staging and a link posted, then vanished into thin air? oh well.
    Sorry BC what was your message again? it seems to have vanished? Let me know, I'm sure I can shed some light on any queries you have.
    Hey BC I have a couple questions for you your website that you have is it WordPress? I'm trying to find the best and least expensive route for starting my own beat, drum kits, and synth patches, selling website I don't know how much experience you have with web hosting, design or other things that would help me get started. I didn't want to start paying a monthly fee until all my ducks are in a row..I'll try to find you a example site that I like but for now the 2 big things I want to be able to do easily is sell digital content, add YouTube videos, and pictures for promotions relatively easily.
    I'm curious about your audio gear, software and what parts of the business you handle; know how I mean?
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