Post Your FREE drum kits here

140 Drum Samples Made with the Dave Smith Mopho synth

^ left click on "MoPho Drum Kits and Samples" and it will automatically start downloading. 65 Analog Kick Samples

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150 free drum samples: Go to and click the "Want Free Sounds" tab at the top

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Free Drum Samples from Goldbaby.

^ Left click on each image to download
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I just posted up a new free sample pack if you guys want to check it out. The Vinyl Drums Free Sample Pack Vol.2 includes 160+ single hit drum samples including kicks, snares, claps, hihats, and percussion sampled straight from vinyl

and if you dig the site become a facebook fan! ill be releasing updates through there and will be posting some exclusive kits through it.

This is a true no bs 808 kit. I have about 60 other kits i want to post but damn that would take a while. Ill post some good ones though. Only because FP has been good to me. 808kit.rar - 3.99MB

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One of my fav kits. I wish i had the time to sort the drums in to their own files (kicks, snrs, etc.) but they are well labeled. This is for the hip hop producer. Dre_s Platinum G Series Kit SSL.rar - 9.17MB

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Some more great sounds. Titled Neo Soul but ive used them on a lot of hip hop tracks as well. HHS - Neo Soul Kit.rar - 6.02MB

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Sounds corny but this is a "Lil Jon" kit. Most sounds where sampled form his tracks so there are plenty of good sounds. Def a must have for hip hop producers who need a go to pack. HHS - Lil Jon Kit.rar - 10.27MB
My new favorite free drum kit

Seen a post here earlier this week with a link to these free drum sounds.

I went to the site to download them - they are ridiculous!

theproducerschoice (dot) com/pages/free-drum-sounds

(can't post links yet :p)

Can't find the old thread so heres to anyone who has not DL'd them yet - p.s thank me later.
My new drumkit for FP!

So over some time, when I tweak drums, I throw them in my folder. I uploaded the folder onto my site a while agao and now I'm adding to it.

Basically it's not your usual kit. There are real sounding hi hats, some snares, a set of toms, the best clap i've ever heard, and a buncha cool stuff that you don't usually find like reverse claps (great!), war drum, good tambourines, chinese cymbals (you've heard em) and some other stuff.

Not a huge kit, so you can download it fast. Check it out and tell me what you think. It's on my site @ or you can directly DL it RIGHT HERE.
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sup all, Cheta here

im here to spread some love and give up a great kit. The kit contains a processed acoustic drum kit in the style of alex da kidds more recent stuff and i also included a couple synthy loops made by me. All i ask is that you please check out the extra folder in the zip and peep those links out. Thank you

let me know how you like em. Let me know if you wanna see me create more kits


pass: thanks
XPRO- New Organic Drum Kit FREE & Reason Refill >>>>>>

Check out my new original drum kit! samples are in 16bit and 24bit wav format. there is also a refill version with Redrum Patches and both 16 n 24 bit format samples. I created the refill for reason 5, i dont think it will work in older versions. Feedback appreciated, thanks

XPRO- Organic Drum kit (FREE)-16 bit

XPRO- Organic Drum kit (FREE)-24 bit

XPRO- Organic Drum kit (Refill)

Post a message here and ill send you the Links
Here is a Demo Song. I used basicly all the sounds. no FXs were applied to the Drums.
<object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param> <embed allowscriptaccess="always" height="81" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%"></embed> </object> <span><a href="">Organic drum Kit (Demo Song)</a> by <a href="">Professor-X</a></span>

>>>>>>>>>> Download >>>>
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Here is a sampler of my UP ALL NITE DRUMKIT. The full kit contains over 150 sounds which you can get from my site. SOUNDS ARE 100% MINE and you can use them in your commercial and non commercial projects.


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Here's something from a long time lurker :hello:

This is a massive collection of free vintage drum machine samples. Over 1GB of samples from 230 different machines, with several different kits per machine.

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I could not edit the original post, but here are optional links to the files to make it easier to download using two filesharing services. Machines.part1.rar Machines.part2.rar Machines.part3.rar Machines.part4.rar
Over 1gb+ of FRESH NEw SOunds!!!!!! Newva On Net All By Me




fileserve com/file/wpcNwuC
fileserve com/file/tPXy2UD
fileserve com/file/paEHdHf
fileserve com/file/DfQVxQN

Free Driving Techno Sample Pack

Driving Techno




The new release from Spunkface Samplers sees a brand new pack filled with raw sub filled grooves and deep stomaching churning bass loops.

Also there is enough glitch thrown in the keep you happy till the end of days. The sounds a suited for those dark and dingy clubs of the late night hour. So fire up your DAW and get going.

All loops and key and tempo (128BPM) labeled to make it easy for you to quickly put a track together.

Each sample is 24Bit and processed through high end gear. To ensure the best quality for the customer.


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