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Don't know if anyone mentioned Scram Jones yet, but he's the definition of underrated. Tracks wit Wu-Tang, Biggie, Mariah Carey, 50, Snoop, Millz, Banks... "I played beats for diddy, did a flow for puff, still he copped the beat for biggie, now he owns my stuff/ sold a beat to 50 but the song got cut, 40 songs wit saigon but no not one stuck.... 10 years in the game and they like scram jones, who the **** is that?"
DJ Embee, but he's from Sweden so... it figures.

Plus, what's this talk about Blaze, Dilla and Madlib? Where are they underrated, exactly?
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I would have to say that a lot of electronic producers are overlooked, maybe just in the US, but these guys have top notch production. Madeon, Zedd, Wolfgang, etc make some of the best quality productions with a computer and an idea.


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He is getting some shine now, because of the succes of TDE, but his shit is tight as ****, check out:
Live Again - Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar and Curta!ns
Turn Me Up - Ab-Soul ft. Kendrick Lamar
Lust Demons - Ab-Soul ft. Jay Rock & BJ The Chicago Kid
Keisha's Song (Her Pain) - Kendrick Lamar ft. Ashtrobot
I'm Good - Schoolboy Q ft. Punch & BJ The Chicago Kid
Rush - Ab-Soul

And it's hard to call J Dilla Underrated because he is regarded one of the best by a lot of people.


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or even 9th wonder


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kankick.. or maybe oh no

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exile and knx are also pretty underrated