Key To Success With Your Music


The Beatsmith
I agree. It appears that a lot of people give up during a difficult situation (I even have).

I completely quit music for about a year, which was the biggest mistake of my life. During that one year period, majority of the artists and people I was working with, or was going to be working with shortly, all gained a lot of recognition and attention, which left me on the back burner. I made my debut, again, and I have been receiving A LOT of buzz. been back for a few weeks and I believe that few weeks will progress into the rest of my life. I love this Hip-Hop culture, man.

See you at the top.

Thanks for inspiring.

Good Times Ahead

Good Times Ahead
Those 4 p's and S are about as relevant now as they were 5 years ago on the oringal post and as relevant in 50 years time. Great post, good information.

Progression, Production, Presentation, Promotion, & Sacrifice

Thank You