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4P's & a S .... Keys to Success in the Music Biz

Progression, Production, Presentation, Promotion, & Sacrifice

Progression - that means whatever you do make sure that it is critical to the growth of your business and or talent in some way, shape, or form. Like reading your manuals, studying music business, marketing, or learning to play an instrument ...etc.
Those things will help you grow and give you better understand of the industry ...and ultimately contribute to the success of your ventures.

Production- making music.... you need to have material. Not only to showcase your talent ...but to gage growth. If there is no product, you have a problem.

You need material to pitch to folks Produce!

Presentation - You have to present yourself and product in a professional manner. Remember that consumers love a nice looking package. That's how you draw attention to your product and or brand. Some people sell albums just off of cover art alone.

Then Promotion.... Your mouth ( no homo ) and the Internet are your biggest promotional tools.

Close mouth don't get fed .... get out there ... put your music out there .... Network... TALK.... if you don't do that ... let me tell you... you could well be the next QUINCEY JONES and no one will ever know, if they don't hear you or your work.

And Sacrifice... I've been there.... when I was sleeping in my car after Katrina hit ... I was still making beats and writing songs... in my car ....I did that for 3 months.... I got a ton of sacrifice stories... but you can't be lazy in this game... and you got to make due with what you have.

There are no excuses.... the reason why you are not moving in the industry ...will 9 times out of 10 be because of you lacking in some of theses areas...... No one is perfect, but the closer you get... the better off you will be.

So let me beat it in your minds ....Progression, Production, Presentation, Promotion, and Sacrifice.

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Thank you. For those who read this thread. Obviously this is only met to inform and motivate those who are trying to get into music on a professional level. This advice works, I've watch countless acts from Houston to New Orleans to Miami to Atlanta do this. Is it a complete guide? No Can this apply to anything you do? Yes. But I hope to get this thread stickied so we as an online community can elaborate on this subject.

I personally for the last 3 years have had no desire to get on with any major artist or label. And I encourage our future producers to go the independent route. But for those who are seeking success with their music.. be it independent or major ..... You need to structure you product in a form such as I have written above. Remember this is all opinion and you can take or omitted whatever you like. But lets continue to elaborate and educated one another in this thread.


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I love this right here.

You didnt say much I didnt already know but either way really gives me more grind to get where I want to be.

Making beats is actually harder for me than mixing & engineering but I also want to be a producer so I know that I have to really grind,not sleep & really push harder in my pursuit of wanting to be a big time producer.


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Really, its all about time management. Some people don't understand the concept of grinding and it scares them away or they make silly decisions because they feel like they are not doing enough. You need to utilize all your free time and idle moments. Try to. Be efficient and affective. You must complete your products or works. People want to hear finished products and if you don't put in the time your. Work won't ever be as great as it could. Don't lose sleep ,you know. But give up partying and video games. Instead of being in the club.... Make music for it. That's all. The smallest sacrifice can do so much for your music. I notice that some folks like to boast about how hard they grind and that they spend hours in the studio. But don't compare yourself to anyone. You don't know what circmstance may have lead them to be in that position and you might not have some of the tools, money, or time as others. Believe you me if my parents were millionaires I would be progressing a lot faster, but hey that the dice.

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Anyway, y'all get the point. Use your time wisely. Spend all of your free time learning and creating. The Progression will be automatic. If not, then you may want to reconsider your career choice. And I'm not saying you can't take a break or anything, or enjoy FP during your free time. But it will show... and you won't be happy.

The power is truly yours... be smart about it. Prioritize!!!!!!!!
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propz man, but can I add another P?

I say partnerships should be included in this as well. Just look on youtube, instead of going the major label route we see more and more indie artists hooking up with indie film companies to create their videos.

Why not partner with an artist??

Let's start with the songs, you'll need a place to record, see if you can hook up with a recording studio/or very good home studio nowadays and cross promo. Or if your home studio can get the job done, hook up with an engineer online and have mix your ish for a great price, with the caveat being that you promo him and work exclusivity with him.

Once we have a couple of songs done, partner with bloggers and have them help promo you by writing reviews and offering *free* downloads.(the money will come later, trust ;) )

While on the subject of blogging, while you're busy recording new tracks, why not partner with an aspiring filmmaker and/or photographer and have him take footage of you for your blog. Even then, you should also sit down with him/her and generate new ideas for content to offer to your fans. I don't think albums work on it's own anymore(unless your buzz is that dam huge) Maybe consider attaching your album to a product of some sort. i.e. album with a dvd with all the music videos attached, or maybe a documentary, or a concert movie or something, brainstorm, I'm sure you'll come up with something. ;)

Once we have a respectable buzz, let's take it on the road, it would definitely be more realistic to do small venues/clubs around your region. When doing these shows, remember to have your web presence online already so you'll have a place to direct your newly found fans. A concert would also be a place to sell your all your mech, be sure to create special deals(buy a t-shirt/get the album free or something, or special edition of that album, I remember a band doing that last year at this concert I was @) for that night. Oh, and remember to have that filmmaker and photographer capturing every moment, maybe the footage will be good a future project of some sort. (never know :) )

There's a restaurant here in Nashville(2 story place with a bar on the first floor and a concert area on the second floor) that showcase different indie acts, the event is free to everyone and no one gets paid... so how do they make money?? Well I asked the DJ that runs it and the partnership with the restaurant is this: They lure people to buy the food/drinks and the manager is happy. Something I notice is the merchandise table full of t-shirts, caps, etc. that the restaurant gets no cut in. Also within the venue are merchandise tables for the artists so they can get their bread too. Some other things I notice include promoting their itunes digital packs(having someone film their performance and offering it online for profit which is not one of the P's but it's what we'll all after, right?), and having someone give away their cds after their performance I'm rambling now but I'm sure you see the point.

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fp mobile still around?? plz send me a link. :hello:


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I like that you added partnerships too. I was thinking that would be a sub catorgory to Promotion... Cause once you start showing people your work, if it's any good people will want to invest or join your movement in some fashion. I ask that people beware cause partnerships can be tricky. Both parties have to come to a working agreement and that's not always the story for most people.

Although I agree with you.... your relationships have to be solid. Don't want to take one step forward and 3 back.

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So true man, if you're serious, you gotta sacrifice. I sacrifice my sleep, hehe, well I have no other time!