Key To Success With Your Music


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Nice tips i always had these
- study
- produce
- branding (= your promo & presentation)
- networking (= your promo & presentation)
- plan --> maybe to be added!
...which books will you read
which software do you know in 1 year
how many songs will you have produces
how many gigs will you play on this year

and then make it happen


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My wife and I are just starting out. Great advice. I will be following this advice as close as I can. I just want to make good music and be good at it.
This list is the truth, for sure. Though I wonder if a certain amount of 'sheer luck' may also be required. Promoting just the right part of your work, to the right people, at the right time. I wonder how many fantastic songs I have never heard on the radio as a result of not having this luck.