Hip Hop Prod. 101 - The Bangin' Beat ! Pt. 1

I made two beats with this process, I was happy with both of em.

One thing I did end up doing the second time around though was start with a melody and then the drum beat and what not around that as a backbone.
In the Beginning...

Definitely a great post Rome. I have to disagree with you on one thing though, and I'll probably catch some slack about it. You said you shouldn't make beats with too much going on, that way the emcee, singer, whatever can have room to shine. I agree with you on that to a certain extent.

For instance, if I'm just doing a cookie cutter rap-along beat yea... I let the beat breath so someone and come in it and just wreck shop, but if you're like me then sometimes you feel like F* it, this beat is gonna be the star of the show. Rapper, if you can keep up do so, if not just buckle up cuz we goin for a ride!!! Sometimes the vocals are just an added bonus, if that makes any sense.

I just wanted to add that point to any one just getting started. You don't always have to stand aside and play side-kick to the vocalist, make your music talk for you!

Anyway, much respect to you Rome. I'm going to add you on myspace. Check me out too.


-Much success to everyone!
That's cool because there's no set rules in musical expression.

I subscribe to the theory that you don't want to compete with the artist. The goal should be to make the best possible song with a beat and lyrics, I feel. You can save the craziness for the hook or a bridge.

.... or just go crazy on the outro.

Music is about whatever your mind can conceive... I'll check out your page tonight.
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Oh hey Rome remember when you had a secret you didnt want to reveal, I think I got it !!!! I it puttin a delay effect on your percussion ?
KlickBeatz said:
Oh hey Rome remember when you had a secret you didnt want to reveal, I think I got it !!!! I it puttin a delay effect on your percussion ?

Nah... lol. It's even more simple than that...

I'm still using the techniques I posted in the first post though...

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Motivational and educational. Thanks for posting this, man.
I dissagree, I've been making beats for 7 months now and all you need to suceed in the rap game is a set of 808 drums, a synth, and a rapper. All my friends are diggin the mixtape me n my friend put out and it's our first try. ****s easy if you're born talented.
Since this thread is still stickied, I'll do some screen recordings and post them here to show what I'm talking about.

I'll do the first one this weekend.
agree... finding that right instrument or sound is difficult, but once you find it it can change the feel of the entire beat. sometimes i have 90% of the beat done in a short time, but its that one last sound that takes for ever.