Hip Hop Prod. 101 - The Bangin' Beat ! Pt. 1

good look man im going to keep this in mind from now on, wont hurt i guess because it seems on point from what i know as well.
I agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread.

(just making a superfluous post so I can start a thread with a link in it)

It appears one post isn't enough. God, this is excessive.
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EXACTLY what I mean when I tell people to POST POST POST good posts ... that this IS what FP is made of: their POSTS.

Way to go my friend.
Thank you.

I hope everyone realizes that FP is what EACH of us makes it ... by doing this.
Thanks, Mano.

I think it works as decent starting blocks until you establish your own technique... here's a song I made using the method I posted... step by step... it's called


it's about all of the artist that lie on records to get money but don't care about the message they send and the lies they tell. Pretty much, sending out a negative message to impressionable youngsters...

... for a conscious emcee.

Check it out.
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Now Thats Whats Real My Nig Rome......I learned something by just reading this article pimp...I plan to read it again later but it some real useful shyt mane......Real Talk....B.Kster..."All Hataz Die"

Great info my friend, I'm liking it sooooo much. You have the greatest tutorials out here my bro.


Cool, I would do another one but I don't want to look like I'm grandstanding but here's something else I do... because I don't know how to actually play a keyboard.

This will help you out... I've found.

When you hear a song you like when you're just listening to music... don't always listen to the patterns and melodies... listen to what instruments are being used together. Try to start to learn the names of the instruments. A mute trumpet sounds different from a regular trumpet. A grand piano sounds different from a toy piano.

Once you can pick out the instruments in one of your favorite songs... you can cheat a little, just make a song using those instruments as the base. Your patterns and feel will be different because of who you are.

Like I listened to a song this morning that started with a flute, then I noticed a bell tree and further along there was a baritone sax and a ride on the breakdowns... it was a song by Teena Marie. When I want to make a song with that feel... I have 4 of the instruments already tucked in my head before I have to start searching for stuff...
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yo good read rome, if you keep posting these im sure it will always be popular.
Yo the next one u do should be on making drums bang, eq'ing, compression, ya know, stuff that will help readers make a hard hitting low end kick drum
I totally agree...

biggrome said:
......... Making beats was some sort of secret where nobody wanted to share any methods or anything.

I just starting working on music production a year ago and yes... many still choose to keep the basic's a secret when it comes to producing a beat. I think the true secret lies in the producer and his personal creativity. The fundamentals should be somewhat the same or at least similiar... so why not share them.

People are just lately... somewhat opening up and helping others but I find it hard to find people who are truly committed to helping. Not that I haven't found some... they are just few and far between. I am grateful to a few. Thank God for this forum and a few others. This is my first post and I just found this forum. Already... I am diggin' it.... tremendously.

Thanks BiggRome for this post. Continue to bless and you shall surely be blessed.
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Yo, really good read my dude for real. Its itemsz like this I think would have one of the reasons why mags like Scratch would've maybe survived. Me personally, you really should, if you are blesed to make the time, to make like a column of sorts, monthly maybe, and sticky your thread in th e Getting Strarted section like Planet Hitz suggested earlier, but make it a madate for new members to subacribe to the thread because a lot of what you said is usually asked by them, real talk. Great job my dude, great job for real.
I'm glad people can relate to what I posted. I'll add other tips as I think of them but there's no guarantee that they'll be stickied here... so....

Check out www.onlinemusicproduction.com for additional updates.

I just got my screen recorder / mic combo working again... better than before so all of what you see in this thread will be in a video very soon.

Take it easy.
I really appreciate you breaking down a little bit of your process. And after taking a listen to your myspace page I can see how your tips work in practice. Thanks for the advice and keep making good music.
there is no formula to making a banging beat...if you feel your **** then that is all that matters...dont concentrate so hard on trying to build capital off your music...if you do then you will always find yourself doing **** you dont like to do...its all about what sounds good to you...it also goes to everything that has to do with production...producing music is more than juz making a dope beat...i have heard people produce banging songs off some of the wackest **** you can find...people in this music industry want to kick all kind of bull**** in your ear about how things have to sound and what the "standard" is...this is what is clouding the minds of beatmakers and young producers today..we seem to be in an era where everything is sounding the same...producing a track is not tactical...you can show someone to operate the machinery...making a track is something you have to teach yourself