Hip Hop Prod. 101 - The Bangin' Beat ! Pt. 1

All the tech talk is fine, but what makes a good song cannot really be broken down into technical terms. The technical aspect of music can make a song sound better, but a good song is a good song/music as soon as the concept is created. If you don't have a strong composition, melody, and dymnamic, you're just wasting your time.

I beg to differ. I've heard some great tracks come about with the proper application of effects and mixing, even when it sounded like crap without them.

Sometimes, things as simple as putting a little more swing on an existing drum pattern or just adding reverb to a snare have made all the difference in the world on a track.

Some tracks that prove this point are "the whisper song" by the Ying Yang Twins, "Grinding" by the Clipse, and "Crank That" by Soulja Boy. Take the effects of these three songs, and you've got pure crap.
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you now have the secret... what you do with it is up to you.
Cool, I'm glad it's pointing people in the right direction. After awhile you'll just kind of do this stuff automatically and if you miss something... you'll know that there's something missing because you hear a certain amount of "emptiness". It's along the lines of "it's the little things that count", don't have a lot of stuff competing for attention. You want the lyrics to paint the picture and the song to be the backing. Sort of like when you order a burger... let's say the burger pattie is the lyrics... all of the burgers are going to be made of beef but it's the sauce and condiments (the beat) is what is going to make or break the burger. Horrible analogy, lol but that's how I see it.

Never get caught up in the debate of what's more important - the beat or the lyrics. The song is what's most important not the beat nor the lyrics. Make 'em work together... that's what a producer does.

I'm glad to see so many people making music. There's a million other uncreative things people could be doing. Making music actually makes you think because you're creating and expressing. I guess you could break out the Doritos and veg out in front of a video game console though... but I don't think thats as gratifying as making music.

Keep bangin' fellaz. Music isn't going anywhere. Somebody is going to make that music money. It doesn't cost you anything to make music. Have fun.
I'm a newbie

Just wanna introduce myself I'm Jesse also known as Abstract Official been making beats for 6 months I love it I'm addicted got the yamaha motif 6 reason 4 axiom 25 midi controller protools mbox Ima be on here alot so i can learn everything i can
Thanks a lot, man, that's a great post !

Thanks for having taken the time to write it.
yes indeed... dope son!

YO, those were some nice tips. this is similar to the format i follow when i create. good advise man... i couldn't have put it better.
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