Got EDM, Etc. Heat? Post Your SoundCloud


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Just listened to your tracks. I really enjoy them. I like your aggressive style though

Thanks for recognizing the aggressive streak, although I am a peaceful hippy and my tracks are made with love.......but there's something pure about a really evil bass...appreciate the feedback......ETF


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soundcloud .com/sodidjou

Have a billie eilish remix, a JT flip and a biggie hip hop joint along with some other lil tings

Planning on dropping more sh!t when im not busy with school,
Feedback appreciated!!!



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Hey everyone! I am a classically schooled producer from Sweden.
I experiment with combining genres and generally aim towards creating epic atmospheres with romantic melodies and heavy electro elements. My latest track is an odd combination of tropical house and dubstep. My goals are to find other ways to stimulate a dancing temper than the current commercial form. I attempt to transition between the parts of the composition more freely and find new ways to create buildups. I am far from finished with my sound but in the end I would like to be able to produce epic EDM tracks with a big and warm sound in a melancholic enviroment.
Some influences are Avicii, Kygo, Alan Walker, Deadmau5 and last but not least Bach! Mainly I try to create an own identity to my sound.

Feel free to listen! I highly appreciate every visitor of my profiles :)

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