Got EDM, Etc. Heat? Post Your SoundCloud

Hey! I just wrote an 80's inspired track that's now live on Spotify and SoundCloud!
Would love some feedback and comments on what you think

Unfortunatey, it's in Swedish, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway

Love the great community on this site! Stay strong producers! We're on our way!

Hello, Everyone join your website today looking to reply and follow lots of your tuts this is my soundcloud link i am an edm producer from the uk really love music enjoy

Mixer Man
I know my music isn’t the typical edm but I like that.why give a listener the same kind of sounds they are used to, when I could give them something similar with a twist
Best regards from Croatia, I'm 34 years old, I started this year with music production and DJ.
But I have some basic knowledge from past (before 15 years etc), and some touch with production.


Hi there ! DAWless house music and live recording only : ) I'd love to have your feedback in order to increase my music structure and transitions skill during live.
Post your soundcloud url if your beats don't suck.

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Great! Everything music wise is awesome. Try to make your next song more stereo with a sound dynamic plugin. That's pretty much the only feedback I have lol. Good job!