Got EDM, Etc. Heat? Post Your SoundCloud


New member DJ/Producer from Iowa. I have a decent audience on Spotify but am looking to grow my soundcloud following. I follow back :)


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Soundcloud & Mixcloud page!

my soundcloud is

I also run a mixcloud page which I upload to every week, basically I upload recordings of a radio show consisting of everything from 90s hard dance, Italo house, old skool, rave, techno, trance, hardcore, Melbourne bounce and cracking new and old remixes/mashups! Currently sitting at 170k total plays and reached almost 2.5k followers since September last year.


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Hey guys - I aim to mix organic with electronic, bringing in elements of downtempo, chillout, and glitch into the mix. Still not sure where/how I fit in as far as genre goes, but that's always half the fun isn't it?

Haive Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Dig your stuff! I love Ott so I guess that's why ;-)
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mostly experimental electronic (ableton) with a decent amount of electric pianos, arpeggios, synth bass, and varying tempos.

Please give me tips on EQing my bass layers, especially sub.