"Good Thing" (Ariana Grande/Mariah Carey-Type Beat) (ALL FEEDBACK RETURNED!)


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"Good Thing" (Ariana Grande/Mariah Carey-Type Beat) (ALL FEEDBACK RETURNED!)

"Good Thing"

At this point in my life -- I am super infatuated with Ariana Grande's music (her voice especially). I see her potential to become the next music SUPERSTAR. Truthfully, I don't really care for her looks as much as other people. But yeah, here's my joint for her -- hope you guys like it!

Benny Liang (Producer)


- Benny
The Good Thing track is really good...nice and smooth...i can really hear someone like Grande over it...oh and i listened to the Snowman beat...im feeling that one man..you got some good tracks man keep it up!
I think the 1st beat is cool but I wouldn't use it. I like the part from 1:05 to 1:32. That's the only part I like. I think it's too laid back.
All i can say about that "Good Thing" track is WOW... very nice melodys very nice chords and mixing also!!! Bass needs better mixing though IMO!! Other then thatg great job man!
Aye 'Good Thing' SLAPS bro, great work I'm loving the chord progressions we gotta work on some shit together soon! I think I got you on twitter..hit me whenever you want!
Wudup man thanks for the feed. Good Thing is amazing. I love every part of it man. I really can't complain about anything... i been following you on soundcloud for a while now because you have some great music... and you live in markham lol..
I agree with you completely about her, she is amazing and she ain't too bad to look at either (at least for me). But damn this is very nice. Everything from the drums, arrangement, transitions, instruments and mix are on point. Nothing else really to say, keep it up.
Would appreciate some FEEDBACK
Thanks guys for the great feedback!

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