Diary of Noobie Producer

Day 50
Bump in the road, i am about to get a serious cut in my free time but anyway. I have been trying to work on drums and mixing a lot but I think i really suck at it. I am working at it tho

Please give me tips, i need help on these drums. This is a soca riddim by the way

u ever look into drumkits? the beat is not bad...sounds good, the drums were a bit better, yet still generic with more flavor tho
Hey man, just came across this now. Listening to your tracks on SC, I think your project is awesome, and best of luck. Will be following with interest.
Hey Strahls, appreciate the support fam.

Day 57

YOOOO, things are going okay. I feel like my creativity isn't as strong as it was in weeks past and I feel the beats I have made recently are not as good as my old ones, but HEY, i am learning! Just have to keep it burning.

This weeks beat is supposed to be themed around " awkwardness". I did not exactly hit the nail on the head with the vibe, but i think it is okay. I tried to make the lead synth sound a little bit off at some points and other little things like that to add to the general theme of it, did not turn out too bad. Plus i learnt some new tricks making it.
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I like your diary idea. I also make beats slow and get easily distracted. My advice would be to experiment with effects like reverb, delay, etc. Try panning some sounds too. I'm still learning too though I've only been making beats for about two years. Just keep experimenting until you find "your" sound.
Ok. I listened to track 1. And for just starting you're doing pretty good. The beat isn't quite my style cause its a little tight for me but with that said it still has a nice flavor. Only thing I would say is that some of the sounds sound kinda like cheap stock sounds from Garage Band. When I say that I only do to let you know that some if those sounds just don't fit right. Especially the cello. If I were you I would either throw a verb or delay of some sort to liven it up of change the sound completely. Overall you are on the right path though. And cool drum pattern. :)
Yo I like the idea of this. I like the track called "Turbulence". I think with a better mix it would definitely make it stand out more.

To me it sounds like you have no problem with melodies, but your drums need to hit harder especially if you're making hip hop beats.

I think with most of your tracks, you need to use some more high quality sounds and just have a better overall mix; I see you're working on your mixing game though so that's good. But keep it up man, you're headed the right path!
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Haha man "Awkes" definitely hit the vibe for awkwardness. It's all stuttery and jittery. Cool stuff bro, those drums sound a little bit more in the forefront now than previously. Keep it up.

I felt so awkward I found it hard to listen to...haha.
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damn...i really like awkes, the drums are alot better but thats not what makes the song, the off-beat gives it a good rhythm keep it up man, this song really shows ur progression in uniqueness
Thanks for the support all,I am trying to take in all your suggestions and feedback one by one and see how i can build from it
My computer is down :/ . Not sure how long till it will be back up but right now I am on a friends computer. Its possible I can get it fixed by tomrow and finnish my beat for the week but chances are slim.

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Finally Got my COMPUTER BACK

First thing I did was finnish up the beat I was working on. I used a sample of a female voice for this one. I am pretty happy with this beat. I like it a lot and I think I am starting to get the hang of sampling. What I dislike is how cheap the Piano sounds around halfway through when it gets a bit more upbeat. Atleast I am starting to hear quality sounds from the cheap sounds.

Its called "Latika"

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sounds good...a bit repetitive but overall sounds good...it kinda fell off at the halfway mark after the change up, imo it doesnt go...keep at it
Props for starting this topic and your journey and taking us with you. I really enjoyed reading this thread and you are getting better making beats.

I started following you on soundcloud and will check this thread out more often..

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Till now I think Latika is your best beat..
Thanks a lot for the feedback

Timothy, thanks, I try to watch them regularly

inkognieto I am glad u enjoyed this. And thanks for the support. I

appreciate you telling me what in your opinion is my best beat. Thank you.

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This is it. I'm at the end of my Summer. It's August 15th. I have learned so much this summer, and wrapped my head around many concepts with the help of FP. The biggest thing I learned is that making a set quantity of beats does not translate into an increase in skill. I have had so much fun making these beats though it was often tedious work. My next step will just be to continue learning and making beats and working to correct my deficiencies.Thank you FP for all the support, particularly Vasco, you were probably my biggest support. I will still be around the forums occasionally to give back to FP and for feedback as i grow. Here if My final beat of the summer: https://soundcloud.com/tendo10/snakes-and-ladders-in-the
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