Diary of Noobie Producer

yjvasco! Thanks! I realized the next day that there are quite a few issues with that beat, i'm going to work on it, but thanks.I

It has only been two weeks. But I have overcome a very big mental hump about how producing works and the process of improving. With that being said I am changing the way I go about doing this. That being said

I will no longer be uploading a beat every other day

I'm changing the plan. Not sure how yet but I will be extending the amount of time spent on beats and integrating learning and actually producing more.

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I am going to Try for
One beat a week instead,

see how it goes and then make a decision on whether to adjust or stick with that.
Hey man,

I came across this post while having a look around these forums for the first time ever. I'm really into this little project you have going and it's remarkable to see the progress from that first beat to "Almost"...really loving the chilled vibes. Keep up the good work. I'll leave the feedback/criticism/pointers to the more experienced members of this forum but I just thought I would chime in and give you the thumbs up!

You've inspired me to start a similar thread as I'm only starting out myself! I'll make sure to check in on your progress regularly.
Thanks zoo! It's definetly a very exciting project! Be sure to drop a link when you start your thread, we can help support each other. My advice to you is to be careful with the whole due date thing. It's a tricky situation, but you just have to find your ideal balance self discipline and with allowing enough time to fully develop a project. I am not sure I have accomplished that yet but we outcheaaa lol.

It just occured to me that I can still stay updated daily even tho, i'm only doing one beat a week. Sooo lets catch up!

Week 2 ( days 16 - 20]
So far the week thingy is going somewhat well . The beat im working on is going very well and all but I feel like I'm slacking a lot more and I have feel like I have to much time. I'm starting to remember why I made it every other day in the first place :/ . But I'm sticking with my one week for now! And as for learning that I must admit I have not done much of that as of late. But hey, I guess i'll just have to keep experimenting until i find what works :D

" We all get distracted, question is will you bounce back or bounce backwards?" - Kendrick

What I have been learning :
- Drum Mixing
- Different ways to do drum rolls in reason
- The slightest bit of music theory from this guy on youtube called Lypur, very useful resource:

I have also come to the realization that my favourite type of sound is high pitched-ish keys and stuff like that. Simlar to this
KeY Wane - Have Some Fun (Prod. by KeY Wane) - YouTube

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sounds good, glad u came to that decision, but when ur pushing one every other day, ur pushing urself to a limit, and ur working ur creative aspect...pushing urself to come up with something new...which is always, u never wanna settle...oposting a beat once a week is good too, but that shouldnt limit u to just working on one beat a week...post the one u would want feedback for or even two if u can, and see what others say..glad ur still doing it tho
Week 2 ( DAYS 21-22]

Okay,Thanks Vasco, i agree, I have not felt that hunger/ drive to get down into it so far with this whole one week thing, but Im going to try it for a while before i knock it

I present to you todays beat:::::::


So some of you guys don't know that I also rap. My rap skills are a lot better than my productions, but anyway for the first time i decided to rap on one of the beats I made. The beat itself is in a rough state cause It was a last minute decision to upload wh
at i had worked on earlier this week. But anyway I decided to let you guys hear it,

My rap:


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Getting better. Rap should have been blended in a lot more by EQ, volume down and some effects.

Keep it up; I´m now following you and did a comment on your sound cloud :)
Cool :D, but yeah the rap was not mixed at all, It was just me testing out what i wrote down. I never planned to share it.

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Bout to go party. Hope i see more feedback when i get back!
You have a great tone for spitting bro. Very very nice!

EDIT: It reminded me of someone and I just realised, Chance The Rapper!
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i like the vision on the whole song...but, i feel like u need a deep kicked add onto it, under the one ur already using.. but that would cater to my taste. the beat is nice tho, i like the broken chords ur using, fairly common but still sounds nice as a harp? u could spit, but make an image of ur own....be urself, at :18-19 i feel like u went commercial haha...but keep at it, i like ur flow
Hey man, the latest instrumental is pretty dope, I think the drums need to be a bit louder but it sounds good. The rap (although it isn't mixed) is really good man, you should keep it up. And sit that vocal properly, I like the tune more with it on top! Keep up the good work.
There's so much content here I don't know what I'm supposed to be leaving feedback on lol. I had a look at your Soundcloud though and you can hear the difference between your first and your latest tracks in terms of technical ability. It sounds to me like you know music, and thats pretty evident even in tracks like 'Somewhere'. Your work rate is nuts and I'm really impressed that you've managed to make so many beats so quickly. I can't really say anything bad, especially as you're still a n00b, so just keep at it and I'm sure you'll do really well. Just don't try to force it. Peace!
"Chance? The rapper? AHH!" I love Chance, especially his adlibs. he has a very refreshing sound. Especially when he throws that little bit of singing into his flows. I never knew i sounded like him though, interesting to hear you guys' opinions.

Thanks Vasco, I'm 17 By the way. I really am being myself on this one tho, I was really gassed up on that " chase dreams " vibe when i wrote this. It was all flowing out of me. If you don't mind can you help point out what exactly gave me that commercial-ish sound in the track?

Thanks LUPN, I try hard. And Rangusroom, thanks too, I'm going to finnish it up when I get some free time. I haven't done much rapping as of late.

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Not much to be said about today. Diddn't really get much going on the beats. I learned about making snare rolls which was very fun. I think I'm going to enjoy using those. :angel:

Also, do you guys have any tips on getting beats to sound fuller?
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i didnt know ur age...i meant at the 18 19 second mark...when u say the "ooh" part, reminds me of drizzy, but idk...i could tell u got the heart, i didnt mean be urself in a sense like u sound like everybody else...but as in make urself differnt...u have a unique style, but it at the mark, brought it back and then ur last few bars kinda sound generic
Oh lol. Yeah It was pretty drizzy-ish on that part. Thanks for pointing it out.

Not much to be said. Working on beats

Hey, FP. Things have been very slow lately. I have been doing a lot of experimentation and learning and trying out different sounds and styles. But I kind of feel too comfortable. I hate to admit it but I miss the old format where I had a beat every other day. It was such a push and I really did enjoy it. I have been thinking and I'm considering this new format where I can still get that rush/push feeling and still be able to perfect, craft and put love into beats. I was thinking if i go like, the old format ( a beat every other day, with learning in between) and then at the end of that week I pick the beats with potential and spend the next week taking them to the next level. I am seriously considering it, tell me what you guys think.

Anyhow the beat, for this week is here. I know it doesn't sound as good as some of my other stuff but I like it because I found out so many different things about my DAW while making it because I was just doing all kinds of random things and a lot of the random sounds have been removed from it and stuff but I still learned some stuff. So here it is


note: Anybody else excited for J. Cole's album?????
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I read through the whole plan its a good plan but the key thing is to actually do it. Anyone can say there gonna lose 50 lbs but only a handful actually follow through and so far you been doin a pretty good job. Now reviewing some of your first beats im actually very impressed thinking back to a year and a half ago when i made my first beats yours are loads better haha

I would suggest practicing famous songs drum patterns and recreating them just to add to your rhythm vocabulary. I find that dj premier has some of the sicket drum patterns check em out. Also never be afraid to go simple.

Also check out my new beat tape if you got time : https://www.futureproducers.com/for.../jazz-n-loops-my-second-beat-tape-f4f-445572/
I've read the introduction and read through the thread a little bit. I've also checked out your soundcloud as well. From beginning to end, I definitely see your improvements. You do possess creativity. Now all you have to do is master your craft. I honestly can't wait to see how this adventure unfolds. I followed you on Soundcloud and if you need any help, tips, etc. Don't hesistate to hit me up.