Diary of Noobie Producer

as long as u keep what u learned from making the beat, then its kewl...but the beat itself lacks umph...i did lke the piano, not the chords but at the end of the intro. but the beat sounds a bit too simple, i think the main synth has potential but the drums need work
Thanks Mikey! I'm actually going to start doing that, i've been meaning to for a while but never got around to it. (remaking) Also my aim has changed a bit, I'm not really gunning for 50 beats anymore really, I'm just trying to do whatever works for me, which I'm still looking for.

Thanks for the support Zule and Beat Freak! For sure work gets you places!

And yeah Vasco, thanks. I learnt alot of obscure but helpful things in making it.
Hey man,

Just gave your newest beat a listen - I feel like it's lacking a gritty bassline or something. That's the only fault I have with it! Check out my new joint when you've got a chance!
Yagga OH

got you zoo


FP! I have been quiet on here for the last week, but I have been working! I finally got around to learning sampling sort of . Lol. The beat did not come out how I wanted it too, but it is not bad, I've never made a track this way before so I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.


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Benjah! I really like how dark and creepy it is. The drums are a particularly stand out feature for me! Fair play, good track!
I see you growing slowly, yet still at a faster pace than i would have anticipated. and about the mentor thing, i can be one if you use fl studio to produce too. that's been my main DAW for the 6 years i've been producing. I think that one of your learning days in the future should be on composition. Gotta learn to vary those sounds and build up and settle down beautifully. But good stuff so far mate :D
yo tallen your anything song is equally hilarious as it is amazing. thoroughly enjoyed it keep it up!

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Thanks everyone.

I agree my old beats are sonically better than most of my recent ones, but i think that is because I'm trying techniques and instruments I havent used before, so its really more about growth and learning there, but I will work on getting back to that!

And Thanks Marco! I will put on my agenda to get into composition. Any resources to kick start my learning?
None really lmao but listen to music...especially rock andsome old school or underground rap. off the top I know big krit on I got this kinda had a bridge composed in there, and a lot of oldies have bridges in them, like ironman with the drum rolling before going to the guitar solo. outros wise, alchemist had a beautiful dismount on flight confirmation with the sample, hell, breakin' a sweat by skrillex had a good ending. just listen to music bro...a lot of songs can brew ideas for transitions, build ups, variations, intros, and outros. just let examples open new creative doors for you :D
I checked out some of your tracks. I think you have a good ear for melodies on the keys but you need to work on your drums, mixing and sound choices, some of your sounds are good but some aren't. I think your vocals are very decent. Thanks for the feed.
Very helpful Feedback Dirty Third! I know I'm not very good at mixing at all, one my many weak spots.

And as for drums any tips or suggestions?

and thanks Marco

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Day 43

YOOOO, I have been going through some creative lows recently and I have had a hard time getting good beats done. Anyway I put in more work than this beat gives me credit for LOL. I just couldn't get it to sound right. Very dissapointed with it but HEY! I'm learning right?

I have been reading your diary and an impressed with your tenacity and I have a couple pro audio guys that I work with that also produce music. You can absolutely use us as a resource if you need help with any of your work or other audio endeavors.:)
You sound like me. I was slacking a lot but actually stop smoking weed and really was able to sit down still and read and learn what i needed and should have learned before even trying to make a beat in fl studio! I thinking im way beyond myself at the time I was thinking just like you! I have one notebook full with notes from watching other people in the studio and youtube videos. I think cause thats the only way I can learn if not hands on with an instructor! So maybe it will work for you! But I always been the type to take on to many task at once. Like right now I been doing videos, music and graphic design but they all seem to be one in the same to be honest! It's like physics. You'll start to see that the same rules apply to multiple different arts. But I honestly made the mistake of learning everything backwards!!! Check out my thread I just posted of 2 beats I made today and let me know what you think!

i like the bass line alot...it sounds simple but its smooth. the drums tho man...u need to work on that. the beat itself is nice just the drums are a bit to non stellar
Agree with vasco here, the drum pattern is nice but it's a background to the melodies...it should be driving the sound..I dunno about Logic but it's really easy to learn on a basic level on FL! It won't take you long to implement at all if Logic is user friendly. Keep it up bro.