African Music you never heard before

If anyone's looking for originality this would be a great place to start, traditional music played on traditional instruments, very nice post, it's obvious your proud of your African heritage, and rightly so. I'm always open to new music/ artists. I admire these two Nigerians/ Lagos legends - FELA KUTI (Sorrow, Tears and Blood) - YouTube and Tony Allen - Get Together - Melynga - YouTube Nice fusion of Africa meets the west, I used to listen to these guys to - The Drummers of Burundi - Part I of III - YouTube as you can see, my Knowledge of Africa's music is limited, but I hope to remedy this:cool:

Yes, Fela is a real legend. Royal drummers can be found in Burundi as Rwanda. Every drum has a particular ritm that the player must follow, drums are considered the highest form of music there, while fiddles (as the endingidi) and string instruments are considered somehow lower (the other way around in the West).

These sounds and ritms can be a good inspiration for producers.
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