10 Things they don’t tell Music Producers…. til it’s too late

CJ Topherson

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10. Everybody steals

So many people are so ****ing paranoid that they just sit there staring at their computer screen like me wandering aimlessly in a supermarket trying to put a meal together. My god, if I couldn’t steal recipes from people much more gifted in cooking than me, I’d be in even more trouble.The truth is, that all of the music you hear is inspired by another musician, artist, poet or some abstract thing someone recognized as having a beauty that others might not have seen from that perspective.That idea you are afraid to borrow was almost certainly inspired someone else, if not completely stolen. Picasso, John Lennon & Steve Jobs, all considered to be creative innovators all are famously quoted for nicking ideas pretty blatantly. You think Led Zeppelin were innovators? I did too & I still love them, but if you do some research, I’m sure you’ll be shocked.Stealing ideas is how artists constantly fuel their own creativity. Letting go of the fear of being completely original will actually set you free & make you more creative, not less. Use samples, presets, loops, quotes, or even steal from your own past ideas. Nothing you can steal will be put back together quite like the source you got it from.We are all human filters. This means that no matter what we borrow or steal, it still has to run through our unique set of parameters before it gets spit back out as our own art. Drop the fear & use everything around you when you create. It’s liberating.

Love this bit. Cheers great article. :cheers:


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Hey Jason, This article has helped with so many thoughts, question, and worries I had when it came to becoming a producer. Really great article!!!! And how long have you been producing?


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This article calmed all my thoughts lol. Seriously though, it was exactly what I needed to hear. It definitely smashed my chatterbox. Thanks for posting it!


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