10 Things they don’t tell Music Producers…. til it’s too late


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Nice and detailed post. Sometimes, we beat ourselves too hard with too much expectations. Thanks for the post.

Moe Fayez

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great article buddy! I started producing music one and half year ago and everyhting you written is on point. thanks for putting the effort into writing and sharing this article.


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This article is nicely written and gets straight to the point, good information here. Everyone should read it night just relieve some unwanted stress when it comes to creating music.


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I agree with the steal part. Everything is a remix. EVERYTHING. even the things you think are unique. Loved the read

Planet Before

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Musicianship is honestly optinal, it's extreremly true how you mentioned that.
Beceause if you're not packing therory you'll eventually learn some things here and there about it, and really see what you're capible of.


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There is a lot of honesty in this article - even though it was written in the past it still holds true today.