10 Things they don’t tell Music Producers…. til it’s too late


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First thing is they wont tell you is music production is easy. But finding out your own unique sound is what you need to work on. It can take months before you can come up with something new.

Second to ten are leave social media and focus on production.

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Hey guys, I am writing about XXXtentacion today. Very few artists in the industry has made left a mark with sad songs. X is one of them!

XXXTentacion's real name was Jahseh Onfroy. He was an American rapper, producer, composer and a singer. He began writing music after being released from a youth correction center.


He was one of the most versatile rapper in the industry and his music was very much relatable to people who suffered from depression and alienation. His best must listen songs, according to me are:

Look at Me




Fuck love

Everyone dies in their Nightmares



XXXTentacion became famous due to his YouTube channel, where he uploaded music constantly. His songs mostly contain sounds which are heavy and distorted. Distorted guitar sounds with a BPM of about 80 can be heard in his tracks.


Drake stealing a part from his SoundCloud song Look At Me! helped him gain attention as well.


He was deeply influenced by music of

Kurt Cobain

The Weeknd,

Tupac Shakur,

The Fray, Papa Roach,



and Eminem

I wanted to also share how he made music. He could bee seen producing in fl studio many times.


Fl Studio is a software that is used for music production. It is also known as Digital Audio Workstation. There are several other DAW's in the market. However, Fl Studio is known for its easy to use interface.

The software has three main sections: The playlist, the piano roll and the Mixer.

The playlist is the place where you get to arrange the tracks. We can easily understand that each part of the track (pattern) is arranged in the place. The patterns are arranged in each bar. The screenshot shows that the track is about 55 bars in length. When the track is arranged, we can play it using the play button. It isn't hard to find. Or is it?!

We can render ( save ) the song using the FILE menu. Find out where it is located in the screenshot. But before we save the song, we also need to know how we need to enter notes and create the patterns that we are arranging. For that we need to check out the piano roll section. Read below to know more.

This is how the playlist looks like.


The Piano roll and the Channel Rack is the place is where you can enter notes using the computer's keyboard or a MIDI keyboard.

We can clearly see in the screenshot, how the youtuber is inserting notes into the piano roll. The big lines are the chord progression, and the melody is being done with small notes.

Its not mandatory that we insert chords and melody in the same page of the piano roll. For that we can also create a different piano roll which is also known as a Channel. The channel rack lists all the channels being used and each of them will have a piano roll of its own. We can right click on the each channel and open the piano roll. We can see that in the second screenshot below.



The Mixer is the place where you can add the sounds and make them more fat and lively. This is one of the most important section of any Digital Audio Workstation. This is the part with which we get to mix and master the track.

In general it is done for each channel being used in the track and then some effects can also be added on the master of the full track. I will go in depth of the mixing and mastering techniques in my other blogs.

This (below screenshot) is how it looks. We all have seen a similar device in pictures of recording studios. This is just the same. Its the soft version and not a physical one.

Each volume knob that you see are there for us to add each channel onto them. And then use the slots to add different effects on the channels. Equing, reverb, delay, compression are important mixing and mastering effectors.

Read my mixing and mastering blogs to know on how to do it. It's easy.


If we can master these three sections, we can actually produce our music in very short period of time.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi Guys & girls,

Here's a new post I wrote that seems to be getting quite a positive response. I originally shared the link just because the post iS kind of long, but I got slapped on the hand for doing that. No worries, I only wanted to make it easy for those who could benefit from this. With that said, I put the whole article below.


10 Things they don’t tell Music Producers…. til it’s too late

If you are new to music production, or even if you’ve been poking around for a while, there are a number of things that you haven’t been told about making music. Depending on what angle you are taking to get into the music production game, you are likely either over preparing or under preparing for what lies ahead.Sadly, many suffer from what they consider to be complete failure & thus give up. It is my belief that if they had this information ahead of time, they probably wou

9. Time is the only difference from you & those who are now successful

Your musical heroes are not really heroes, they are arrows pointing in the direction of your own potential. Do not allow the thought that “some have it and some don’t”, it’s simply not true. The truth is that some people work for it(unfortunately very few) tirelessly & consistently until they get it. Some of the best artists actually took longer to get there than you would expect.The video below explains this concept better than my own words ever could, so please watch it and let it sink in.If you want to know whether you’ve got it in you or not, look at your daily habits, not your skill level.

10. Everybody steals

So many people are so ****ing paranoid that they just sit there staring at their computer screen like me wandering aimlessly in a supermarket trying to put a meal together. My god, if I couldn’t steal recipes from people much more gifted in cooking than me, I’d be in even more trouble.The truth is, that all of the music you hear is inspired by another musician, artist, poet or some abstract thing someone recognized as having a beauty that others might not have seen from that perspective.That idea you are afraid to borrow was almost certainly inspired someone else, if not completely stolen. Picasso, John Lennon & Steve Jobs, all considered to be creative innovators all are famously quoted for nicking ideas pretty blatantly. You think Led Zeppelin were innovators? I did too & I still love them, but if you do some research, I’m sure you’ll be shocked.Stealing ideas is how artists constantly fuel their own creativity. Letting go of the fear of being completely original will actually set you free & make you more creative, not less. Use samples, presets, loops, quotes, or even steal from your own past ideas. Nothing you can steal will be put back together quite like the source you got it from.We are all human filters. This means that no matter what we borrow or steal, it still has to run through our unique set of parameters before it gets spit back out as our own art. Dro

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