When your not producing?


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Fly around town with my cape and fight crime, beat Chuck Norris in push up competitions, licking my elbows, time travel, and farming moon martians (they are cheeky little bastards)


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This is dope as hell.


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When I'm not producing, I'm either playing Calll of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PS4 (add me at joshuamwoodard), or trying to finish my degree in Criminal Justice


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When I'm not working on music I'm working out,basketball, boxing or of course working.

I love to sing too.

That's really me in a nutshell, I try not to have too many deeper interests cause I'd rather be good at a few things.


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I'm going in the military after college, so i have a lot of physical training for that. hmmm, occasional video games, classwork, and watching basketball ayyyyy. haha


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Studying, dance class (mainly house, street, LA style hiphop) & ps4 but I'm not really into the whole online gaming thing since I'm more of a casual gamer


Mangling samples or synthesizing.
Steam[Curse mgs5 and xrd's addictiveness.]I hope rise of tomb raider outdoes the first one, which was also pretty amazing imo.
Light cardio.
Practicing scales also to keep finger strength up. One of these days I might memorize all major/minor scales. Maybe drilling one after the other for whole days each dedicated to one scale, hm...
Not sure what to do about chord memorization though. Only ones I know by heart right now are DF#A and CEG and that is not counting randomly pressing same spaced notes either.


digging for vinyl, reading, also producing a new podcast series playing funk & soul off vinyl (ties in to the first activity on the list well), travelling and of course financing it all by going to work!


working out almost every day, working a shitty job, playing survival games, studying psychology or anything to do with writing, music, random things and of course writing lyrics every day.


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Digging for vinyl records, cooking, reading, thinking, meditating, listening prog..

Oh and I found USB NES controller for pc. I just beat "Power Blade 1" and "track and field 1" first time since my childhood. my thumb says "thank you for playing track and field"......