When your not producing?


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Hahaha, for sure! Almost every night when i'm laying in bed i get cool melodies in my mind but then i think "no, wait till tomorrow and use it." And next morning, it's gone. I'm enjoying to play games on my computer with my friends, play real games like poker or pool with friends and try to survive the days. For me there's no relationship or even a contact to girls since eight years, some psycological problems, i got problem with feelings - but making music helps me, like hearing good musik that i like...
Life suckz man u should get used to it.


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Just being boring and often I go outside for walks, running and other methods to get some fresh air into my brain :D

Trip Lykely

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Who's the real time traveler; dude who says he time travels or dude who knows the exact year time travel becomes possible?


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Just working a day job in sales and studying in university, so the beat making is left at all spare time, usually at nights


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Man I'm a geek honestly I think. I'm usually either playing videos games, reading a book, chilling with family/friends/girls, or watchings sports. I'm a simple man.


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trying to get inspired, learning about music, doing research of people that inspire me, gaming, just trying to get away from making music, because when i work on music too often, i run out of inspiration haha


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I've been gaming a lot, but mostly exercising like 5 hours a day. But does anybody game? add me up. I just got dark souls on switch but ill play anything really.

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Being that producing is an indoor activity I think it's very important to balance that with something outside. Hiking is very fun or even just playing guitar outside at a park and singing songs is very fun.


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I teach 5 instruments 3 days a week and practice a lot.

This year we have a terrific garden and that means weeding.

I also like to wade through manuals for the 10 tons of software that I've accumulated. I like learning... plus if you know your studio it really streamlines your workflow!