"This Feeling" HIP HOP TRACK f4f

Triple Eight

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Here's a ruff draft of a beat i made

It's work in progress stuff because i'm on some other shit in the meantime

Hope you like it

- Cool idea with the chop -- but it feels very messy
- The drums don't really have a bounce to them either
- The transition into the hook is cool
- The part near the 1 minute mark when you switched it up -- that sounded way more proper
- Work on your drums (your kicks especially) and make sure they knock!

Great idea but it just lacks an overall idea.

Please return the favour:

"Good Thing" (Ariana Grande/Mariah Carey-Type Beat) (ALL FEEDBACK RETURNED!)

Thanks BL3 i think you are right it's not really focused just shit i do

Thanks Cocaine your stuff is nice as usual