The Official xbox live gamertags


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aight im on, my name on there is NomBeats, i dont know how to add anyone so add me, and if u got madden 10 or nba 2k9 come holla at me. headphones is on the way so i cant talk shit just yet but soon.

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word up nba 2k anything is shittin on nba live. since when did live go down? i mean its a decent game but i like 2k9 better than live 10. who still got 2k9? lets get it in.


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I think it's messed up that if you don't log onto Xbox LIVE for awhile they delete the email address associated with your tag...

lost my tag... sniff.


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Add me on XBL... WylsFisk

Right now Im playing MvC3 (I suck at it)... MW2 (not a BOps fan but...) BOps (not enough people still on MW2)


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