The Official PS3 PSN gamertags


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PSN U/N - roulette_dares

Currently playing:

Tomb Raider - Underworld (just finished it)
Dead Space

Gonna go get me some Resistance 2 tomorrow. Word.


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My tag is KiLLiSTiC
I've got MGS4, COD4, SOCOM Confrontation.. Burnout Paradise..
Right now I'm on that Fallout 3 tho. Intense.


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My tag is GimmeMoney

I mostly play LittleBigPlanet and CoD4...

But i got these games:

Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 + 2
Motorstorm 1
Assassins Creed
Grand Theft Auto 4
Battlefield: Bad Company
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
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My Psn is Mr_M3t-Tastic and the current games I play are Socom: Confrontations and Madden 09, until the new Killzone comes out :D.


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YEa. Getting ready for the Killzone2, already mastered the Demo. If you havent yet add me: psn = myst2


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We need to update this thread with some new freshness lol .. I played the Killzone2 Demo but somehow it didn't really was a banger if i compare it to Cod. I'm still on Cod4 - don't like the old war stuff of 5 - so u can catch me up there. I think this is still the **** until the Cod6 Modern warfare 2 is coming out :)

What r u guys playing right now!?
Get at me: Nba2k9/Pro Evolution Soccer 2009/Cod4

Psn: KingShaZane


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Hey guys... I thought I'd use this first post as my introduction to the forum as well as posting my PSN ID. Here goes :P

PSN: dootzman