The Official PS3 PSN gamertags


Real name: Guerilla Major
Anybody playin Metal Gear Solid 4 now?
Man this **** is crazy.
Love sneaking around and breakin dudes necks.
It's a tie with GTA4 so far, but I think I'll like MGS4 when I finish it.
The GTA ending sucked dick.


Ghoul Gang

I just started playin MGS4 much better than gta imo

next puchase is soul caliber, then madden


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METAL GEAR SOLID 4 is the s*it!!!! What a "game" for God's sake!

I played it yesterday. I just need it. Period.

Rated as the most technical and complex game ever made by Gamespot. Perfect 10


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JL1181 <<<< that's my gamertag.

I just got a PS3 after having my 360 clonk out on me. So the only game I have is NCAA Football 2009 thus far. I aint buying GTA or COD again. lol
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I can't fvcking wait for August 12th to arrive! Madden hits its 20th anniversary and the game looks like ur watching a game on tv....unreal. Then later in the month Tiger Woods 09 comes out and I gotta cop that too. Then Sept, 9th NHL 2009 comes out and I gotta cop that and I'm good for a long time.


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Yo, I'm big larry & my PSN is:


I play MK2 allot, so if you wanna challenge me just send an invite.

quick ?... does caps or case matter in finding a psn tag?
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My PSN Is Thilla

Anybody Add Me .. I Do HAve A Headset And I Play My Games A Lot Usually Get The New Games That Come So If You Want Add Me :)


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My PSN tag is ExplicitR

you'll catch me on NHL 09 or skate most of the time,
Call of duty the odd time.
hit me up