The BEST Reason Refills Thread


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to update this thread with some refills ppl shouldn't do without:

- Motif drums and keys
- Reason Drum kits
- Reason pianos
- Reason Soul school and soul keys
- Miroslav's refills
- Smokers relight
- Abbey roads (absolutely my favorite)
- 1001 subtractor patches
- 1001 malstrom patches
- Reason electric bass
- Reason strings
- Free gizmodj's refills can be nice as well.

Get some free drum refills that cover the 808 and 909 sounds could be cool as well. There's a ton of good free drum refills that'll give you propper sounding drums.
Get some guitar refills that'll complete it nicely. I can only find the DennisVguitar in my sound library. Completely rebuild it , so can't find every name anymore.
If you want a refill combo pack, get the propellerhead studio combo refill pack with reason drum, piano, abbey road and electric bass.
Of course, this is all if you actually want to get extra refills, paid or free. The factory sound bank can keep you happy for a long time. The above refills are just some of my big time favorites and in my opinion, some you shouldn't miss!
There are some major differences in refills for Reason though. Some sound ok, others just sound freaking amazing. Like the Reason pianos, abbey roads, drums, etc. With effects and propper eq'ing, processing, mixing and mastering, you can make the good sounding ones pretty close to sounding amazing as well though.
Where can I get them from?


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Hi. Does anyone know where I can get hold of resynthesized.rfl and xsynth data.rfl refills? I moved computers ages ago, without transferring them over, and now opened an old project I need which has missing sounds.