The Beat Selling Bible: Top 21 Ways To Sell Beats Online Like a Pro


I honestly believe one way to sell a great beat is like selling to a potential artist like BANKZ

I've been making music for over 9 years now and I find (from looking at it in an artists point of view) that email subscription or free beats when getting sent them through my email works wonders for me. I look at them more personal. Like they were hand crafted for me I then find myself looking on that beat makers page to find more beats. Better quality sound beats. This is just me looking at it from an artist point of view. & I'm in hip-hop myself if you guys want to check me out.

My two cents

Producers seem more concerned with giving away free beats for email addresses. I'll be the first to say that sh*ts wack asf. If you want to sell lease and exclusive beats, it works best if you do these on seperate pages on your website. That's my 1 secret to success.

Great work though.
There are some pretty decent pointers, it would have been nicer to see a little bit more depth on certain subjects though.

Like, what the difference is between a blog and a website and what goals you want to achieve by using such platforms.

I know the original post is kinda old but technology has moved rapidly in the IM world.

There's a few key components I feel are missing from the post.

A mentor, time management, leverage and automation.

Everyone needs a mentor if you are serious about your craft! So find some good mentors, they don't need to come from the beat selling world. Advertising and marketing is in every aspect of our lives already and the formula for successful promotions hasn't changed that much since the very first advertising campaigns came into existence.

The technology changes, the components stay the same.

Time is everyone's master, so mastering how to manage time effectively will really help you to get those important jobs done without feeling pressure.

I break time down into 20 min slots when I'm working. That's 20 minutes of solid focus on the task in hand and nothing else. No social media, no email, no phone, just me and the task at hand until it's done or my 20 mins are up.

Let's face it distraction comes easily to all of us, so focusing your attention for a solid 20 mins on a task will help get the job done.

Also breaking down your task for the day in a checklist is a great way to see what you need to do for the day.

Let's say you have 5 marketing and promotional tasks you have to do in a day.

Let's make this easy and choose 5 social networks your going to work on.

Facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube and google+

You could spend all day on just one of those platforms, but with a 20 min window on each platform concentrating on just promoting and advertising and nothing else. You would see your promo efforts increase over time.

Instead of spending hours on these platforms like we all get used to. Your spending 20 mins on each platform. That's 1hour and 40 mins of your day on solid marketing and promoting socially.

If you run ads on these platforms it could be 20 mins to check ad stats, create new ads, answer questions from potential buyers, add new posts to your profiles, whatever it is that will help you get seen by your audience.

You can also set yourself 20 min windows for the fun stuff too or you could take a 20 min nap. It's totally up-to you.

OK, so this next tip I do feel really passionate about because I really do get tired of reading about seo and beat selling.

Seo is a vast learning curve with a huge number of components and 9 times out of 10 I hear the same advise being given to newbies.

The buzz words are always about selecting the right keywords and trying to get to number 1 for your chosen keyword that will bring sales.

What really pisses me off is that the keywords they tell you to go after should be free beat related ! Man o man it's no wonder producers get frustrated with seo.

You may as well be telling a newbie to go and rank for iPhone 5 on his brand new website or on YouTube and see how far he gets!

That's how bad the advice is... seriously

We all know free beats are supposed to be the bribe! So keep it that way.

If you wanna give yourself a better chance of success with a seo then buy a domain like,

Those domains are available right now by the way.

Right now YouTube dominates those keywords so building a beat site around those keywords will increase your chances of hitting the top slots on Google. You might piss off some producers with this tactic because you're jumping ahead of them and taking their spots but it's the only way you will get seen and be able to compete in the serps as a newbie or even if your established.

EMDs still work great and smart seo will help you hit those spots for your bribes.

Well that's enough writing for today lol

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True, nowadays it's not just making beats. From all I've learned over the last couple of days of my research it's that you really have to use your creativity to get your music heard. These 21 are the solid foundation, but there's so much more to promoting, and in order to get discovered you might have to step outside of production field at all and get into something like making videos for a while