The Beat Selling Bible: Top 21 Ways To Sell Beats Online Like a Pro


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I've been doing quite a bit of research on how to sell beats online, and I've come up with a list of tips that has helped me turn my business around.
Obviously if you're reading this you're tired of struggling and you want to know what you need to do to sell more beats. Some of you reading this might be new and just want to know where to start, and I just wanna congratulate you for reaching out to find this information as many producers don't.
Now let's get into the reason why you're here.

  1. Frame of Mind: If you think you're going to read this book and startmaking thousands of dollars tomorrow you're already heading in the wrong direction. Understand that this takes time as you might have to develop a few skills before you can start selling.
  2. Website: I know you've heard that you need a website to sell beats from, but I bet nobody told you that you should study SEO(search engine optimization). If you want your website to rank high in the search engines then you need to have it keyword optimized so Google can pick it up and rank it (click here if you would like training on SEO)
  3. Blog: I bet you're asking yourself "why do I need a blog to sellbeats"? Here's why. A blog is just like a website, the difference is youcan update a blog at anytime as opposed to a website where you haveonly one chance to make a good first impression. And with this blog you can link your web address to the blog which will help your websiteranking, as well as, help your YouTube ranking since you embed yourvideos into your blog.
  4. Build Your Brand: Who are you? What is your style? These are just afew questions you need to ask yourself before you try to sell beats. Think of producers like Mike Will, Just Blaze, Timbaland, etc. These guys have built a brand for themselves. When you hear "Mike Will made it" you already know what time it is.
  5. Be Business Minded: This ties into having the right frame of mind. Ifyou treat your business like a hobby, you will NOT get the results thatyou're looking for. However, if you treat this like a business and take itserious you will be surprised by the results you get.
  6. Invest in Your Education: This is probably the best advice I can giveyou. Investing in your education will bring you the biggest ROI. Mostproducers invest in soundkits and VST's and leave their education outof the equation. If you want to have a successful business, youneed to invest in learning how to run it.
  7. Build Relationships: If you want to sell beats online like a pro you have to build relationships. People buy from people they know, like, and trust, so you need to make artists trust you before they will give you their money.
  8. Network: I'm sure you know the saying "its not what you know butwho you know" and that's why you need to network with as manypeople as possible. You never know who somebody might know that'slooking for beats so you might wanna start making some connects.
  9. Market: This is the one thing most producers neglect and it's by far one of the most important tips. Investing in your education to learn how to market is vital in your beat selling business. If you don't know how to market how will people ever see your content?
  10. Autoresponder: As an entrepreneur if you don't have anautoresponder service then you're missing out on money. Anautoresponder is how you capture leads (emails) and build arelationship with your artists. In my opinion GetResponse is one of thebest autoresponder services on the market and it's only $15/month
  11. Don't Focus on The Sale: If you focus on just making money then you will not have a sustainable business. Focus on building a long lasting relationship and the beat sales will come.
  12. Give Your Best or Nothing: We as producers think that most of thebeats we make are bangers and that's just not the case. You have tobecome your biggest critic and be honest with yourself, if you don'tfeel wholeheartedly that a certain beat is ready to be put on display,then don't put it up.
  13. Deliver Fresh Content Consistently: You have artists that are always looking for new beats so you might wanna stay on ya A game and keep pumping out bangers for your clients.
  14. Social Media: I'm pretty sure you have a Facebook and Twitter (hellyou better) so you have to take advantage of those platforms. This iswhere you can get FREE traffic to your website and start to buildrelationships with potential clients.
  15. Give Away Free Beats: This one upsets a lot of producers because Iknow the feeling. You spend your time making a hot beat only for anartist to ask for it for free. Well here's how you can overcome thatproblem. Giving away 1 beat for FREE is how you can get artist in thedoor. Once they're in it's up to you to keep the relationship going which will turn into sales on the backend.
  16. List Your Beats: Of course we talked about having a website and a blog, but you should be using other websites such as RocBattle,Soundclick, MyFlashStore, etc. The more places you have your beats the easier it is for people to find you.
  17. Banner Ads: This is going to require you to do some investing. You can buy a cheap banner ad for like $30 from 20DollarBanners, and post them on site like RocBattle for only $50/month. This is a great way to get tons of traffic without doing too much work.
  18. Copyrights: If you're like me then you love to sample. However, make sure that you're using royalty free samples because most up and coming artists don't have the budget to clear samples, so make sure that you're finding royalty free samples to save you and your clients from headaches and lawsuits.
  19. Target Your Audience: I probably should've put this at the top with marketing. If you're marketing to everybody, you're marketing to NOBODY. If you make trap beats then target artists that buy trap beats. Don't try to market to someone who uses beats that sound like Eminem would rap on them. Think of an artist that you would want to hear on your beat and go out and market to those types of artists.
  20. Quality over Quantity: You can pump out beat, after beat, after beat, but if your sound quality is not on point it's going to be hard to sell your beats. I had a personal experience where an artist told me that my beats was hot, but the quality was not good enough for him to record over them, so search on YouTube on how to mix and master your beats.
  21. Authenticity: If you go on Soundclick and listen to most of the producers on the top of the charts you will find that some of them have pretty much the same sound. If you want to stand out then create your own authentic lane. It's cool to emulate, but don't copy what sounds good. I remember when Lex Luger started to blow and every producer wanted to make beats that sounded like his. The problem lies when that sound started to dry up, a lot of producers got left behind because they was just trying to copy what another producer was doing.
​Like I said in the beginning, don't read this an think that you're going to start making the big bucks tomorrow. Take the time to study these tips, and then go out there and actually implement them into your business.

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Thanks for the tips


ChiLL BooGie

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undeniable info right there that's step by step building block. Fundamental for a person that just needs to brush up on whats important in their business and remind their self
I agree.
With a lot of the hip-hop game being flooded with trap producers it seems that the authenticity aspect has definitely slipped the minds of up & coming producers. I couldn't agree more man. Create your own style, be persistent, and you'll soon start to see results.
Good ass post.


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I got these tips from my years of studying how to sell beats online. Some of them are from my mentors others are from a few blogs I've come across
Just wondering, because in number one it reads, ​If you think you're going to read this book...... It might be a good idea to credit your sources since they most likely worked hard to earn their knowledge and then write a book. It's always a good idea to credit authors. You might also be committing a copyright violation by not doing so. Cheers.
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