Secret World Glitch Hop Reimagination


Electronic Composer
What up FP!

I have not posted too many tracks here on FP because I've been in, what I like to call, a "growing phase" where I've just been experimenting with tracks; throwing them out at random just so people know I'm doing something as I try to feel out the "spot" I want to be at. I posted awhile back about getting my studio set up and it's been set up now for a couple months - I've learned the ropes on Ableton from my switch from FL Studio and I threw up a couple tracks on Soundcloud. I wasn't proud of the first projects but I just got done with one today that I truly believe is the niche I've been looking for; cross breeding orchestra/swing/big band with glitch hop and trap and I started my first niche track with a theme for a video game I play called Secret World. I've always had a bad habit of rushing tracks out that end up not sounding complete but this is the first track I've ever done where I've spent easily 50+ hours perfecting and I have to say, I am so proud of this track and there haven't been too many I've made that I can say that about. So, without further back story... Please check out my track and tell me what you guys think. A lot of time has been invested in this beast and I would just feel awesome knowing that it did not fall on deaf ears. Thanks guys!

I like your track man, mellow like a lofty hip hop track. Thanks for your feedback though, I never really imagined making cash for my music yet :P