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PlanetHitzProduction said:
The Business of Music by [SIZE=-1]Sidney Schemel, M. William Krasilovsky

All You Need To Know About The Music Business by
[SIZE=-1]Donald S. Passman[/SIZE]

i'm def gonna look into getting these...


good books

The Theory and Technique of Electronic
Music by M. Puckette its hella in depth for anyone who uses electrisity to make music the guy who wrote it also made puredata and max.


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PhobikONE said:
I'm not directing this at you, but RZA is one of the better sampling producers out there, and if anyone, producer or not, doesn't like his beats, they're either incredibly stuborn or have no idea what they're talking about.

I'd like to compare the people in that book who don't like his beats to his production credits.

I don't think any other HipHop producer has ever done as many film scores, worked with more diverse artists/groups or have nearly as incredible feats.

RZA is by far one of the best producers, sampling or not, hands down, and anyone who thinks different is off their rocker and just hatin' on the man.

I agree 100% I'm not always in love with RZA's music, or don't always agree with his approach, as I always think I might have done it differently, but that cat is definitely one of the most innovative and precise sample based producers out there. and his credits are also impeccable. I always respect his craft. I think any one who is an artist has to appreciate the craftsmanship of another artisan, and give credit where it's due, whether you work in that medium or not. And as far the book goes, non-sample based producers can learn alot from those who do, and vice-versa. the craft is what it's all about!
I would recomend a book titled EFFORTLESS MASTERY. this book is about finding a place where you are centered and at peace with your self. then the music can flow out effortless. It is a very inspiring book it helps with music and life as well


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Has anyone read the Complete idiots guide to music theory 2nd edition? If so, is it the same as the original just with more information or is it more advanced? Reason I'm asking is because no stores in my area have the original version and only 1 store has the 2nd i may just have to settle for that.


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Theromp999 said:
Has anyone read the Complete idiots guide to music theory 2nd edition? If so, is it the same as the original just with more information or is it more advanced? Reason I'm asking is because no stores in my area have the original version and only 1 store has the 2nd i may just have to settle for that.

Hi! Most of the topics you find in both books are the same. version 2 just has an accompanying cd containing musical examples and is a way of testing your ears and your ability to transcribe a song.


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BLACK SCINCE-ancient and modern art of ninja mind minipulation.
DR. haha lung.
best book ive read this year.
discussion on everything from police interregation methods to the mk-ultra mind control experiments of the 40's-70's..
[they gave people lsd + shock treatments ect..-trying to make them assasins/spy's]


Two great books not mentioned are:
"Keep it relevant to music production when posting" - Zerrat
"The art of producing"
This book lines out the eleven elements of a great song. Very great systematic tool for evaluating your own songs


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i looked thru all thyese book post up to 5 page wrote alot of titles down ill be back for more after these but thanx for all who post an help out aprreiciated

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What up Folks,

I would have to give a shameless plug for my new book

"Hip Hop Business Advisor: The Book"
It's a step-by-step guide to starting, marketing, managing, and profiting your independent hip hop record label.

Everything from A&R, recording studio, publishing, radio promo tours, buying/selling beats, contracts, artist development, and more are covered in 150 easy to follow and understand chapters.

This book is full of real world examples, tips, tricks, and techniques that will save you time, money, and effort, and has a 100% money back guarantee.

It's been getting great reviews.

Go to www <dot> hiphopbusinessadvisor <dot> com to check it out. Be sure to watch the free videos!!

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I say to hell with books, find someone who is better than you and never leave their side. its a million times better than trying to figure out how to be a good musician, engineer, producer or rapper from a book.


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I also recommend reading the manuals of the equipment you use. There are general techniques to use when making beats but the manuals will give you specifics on how to create a certain sound in your instrumentals with the unique setup you have.
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Music Business Recommended Reading

Knowing the business is just as important as knowing your MPC. I have 3 books to recommend (sorry for duplicates):

This Business of Music, 10th Edition - This book will put you in a coma. You won't read it beginning to end, but if you have a specific question its good to have in your library.

All You Need To Know About the Music Business - You should read as much of this as it pertains to you based on what your genre and profession/role.

I think the key is to understand the basic tenets of the music business with the caveat that hip hop is a little different and the rules are different whether you are the artist or the producer or both.

That said, after you read those two books, I recommend buying/downloading the "Music Powers That Be" written by Cirocco. I have the hard copy, but I think they sell it as an e-book now on It took over 2 months for me to get the hard copy so maybe that got smart. And some crack addict is selling it on amazon for $200. Its not that good. The e-book is $20(?) which is fair. Don't get caught up in the celebrity endorsements. They didn't get famous because they read the book, but I think its good reference in terms of the hip hop music industry.

It applies the info from my other 2 recommendations and applies them to hip hop. He has well known industry professional provide parts of the book as well as a directory with addresses, phone numbers, etc of A&Rs, lawyers, managers, producers, and more. It even has a section dedicated to selling and leasing beats. But I think this book is only useful if your read the Donald Passman book because its more detailed. I think its misleading to think The Cirocco book is a be all end all reference.

For beginner producers/engineers, I recommend:

Understanding Audio: Getting the Most Out of Your Project or Professional Recording Studio

Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies


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THE MIDI COMPANION: The Complete Guide to Using MIDI Synthesizers, Samplers, Sound Cards, Sequencers, Computers and More!

It's an interesting read thus's breaking things down to a comprehendable level, since some of this stuff is new to me.
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