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+1 on the Bob Katz and Bobby Owsinski titles. The Bob Katz is top of my recommended reading list for anyone who's serious about the production of music in any cpacity.


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"Picture Chord Encyclopedia" Photos, Diagrams & Music notation for over 1,600 Keyboard Chords.
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Arkaic said:
what's a good book on learning the basics on synthesizers and synth programming? Specifically software modular synths, if that matters.

Wizoo's Programming Synthesizers


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the matrix of hiphop by black dot, dope presentation of hiphop from the beginning until ****-hop.

good book, but the author is racism.

is there someone who read this book too ?


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Think and Grow Rich-The African American version written by Napoloeon Hill's protege Dennis Kimbro. I aint ever been the same since I read that book.It opened my mind up to a whole other level. Unfortunately I outgrew most of my homies after adapting that approach to life. I recommend it to any minority interested in becoming an entrepreneur. He took Napoloen Hill's principles and expanded upon it.If you're not a minority-cop Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
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I dont know if anyone mentioned it earlier but Arnold Schoenberg's
"Fundamentals of Musical Composition" is a must read emphasizing on the classical side.A more easy to follow read would be the ravenspiral guide which i think is available for free online.


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Books to get your mindset right:

-Rich Dad Poor Dad~Robert Kiyosaki
-The Magic of Thinking Big~David J. Schwartz
-Cash Flow Quadrant~Robert Kiyosaki
-Everything You'd Better Know About the Record Industry~Kashif/Gary A. Greenberg

That's just a few and some are already mentioned.


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I have many, but 2 previously stated that I've found really useful regarding music are,

*The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory

*The Mixing Engineer's Handbook

For life in general, I like

*The Secret

*The 4 agreements


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Something that I would recomend is "All You Need To Know About The Music Business" By: Donald S. Passman 6th edition. Its been re-published so many times since new things are happening in todays music. This book basically deals with everything that you do need to know.


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If your just getting started and have some basic Knowlege as a foundation; "Home recording for Musicians-For Dummies" actually has a lot of great info.
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